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Espuma No. 35

ESPUMA (noun: froth)

a weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the morning paper

Quote for the weekend

“Be still, be quiet, and then you will begin to see with the eyes of the heart.”

Desmond Tutu

your Coffee shop outfit + Coffee table decor

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Interior design inspiration =
brown wooden dining table and chairs
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Some chocolate dessert

opened coconut on sands
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“NEW! A pioneering collaboration with Dr. William Li, we bring you Pure Plant. Each of our new Pure Plant bars helps to activate your body’s defenses in powerful ways. They work to address the needs of the body to heal, regenerate and be nourished. They’re a whole new way to consume chocolate and experience cacao. By incorporating the whole cacao in this innovative way Pure Plant takes one of the most nutrient-rich ingredients in nature and charts a new path for how we use it and ultimately, how you taste it.”

(2) Whole Cacao Fruit Bar, 2 oz: Wildflower nectar raw honey + whole cacao pod
(1) Black Raspberry with Fermented Black Tea Bar, 2 oz: Black raspberry + fermented black tea + wildflower nectar raw honey + whole cacao pod
(1) Chinese 5-Spice Bar, 2 oz: Ceylon cinnamon + Chinese star anise + fennel seed + Szechuan pepper + clove + licorice root + wildflower nectar raw honey + Naja sea salt + whole cacao pod
(1) Raw Almond Butter Bar, 2 oz: Raw almond butter + lucuma + coconut nectar + whole cacao pod
(1) Walnut and Chanterelle Bar, 2 oz: Walnut + Chanterelle mushroom + coconut nectar + whole cacao pod

Buy the special collection, here for 15% off with the code plant15 until sunday, 5/16 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.

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