IKA Chocolate: Best Chocolate in Israel

Israeli chocolate is unique and delightful and perhaps it will surprise you to learn: Israel is a great country to buy chocolate from. With all this said, Ika Chocolate proved itself as the best chocolate in all of Israel.


Time Cupsoul Coffee Guide: Israel

Are you traveling around Israel and looking for a time cupsoul? Look no further; reviews await: Tel Aviv #1: Nahat Cafe “Energizing Vibes in TLV” #2: Da Da & Da “French Lover’s Heaven in Tel Aviv” #3: Nelly Kitchen (Jaffa) “Organic Relaxing Haven” #4: Finjan Kitchen & Cafe (Jaffa) #5: Cafe Noir “Coffee For Your Classy Romantic Side” Haifa #1: Fattoush Cafe “Best Coffee in Haifa”

Café Noir: Coffee For Your Classy, Romantic Side

If the term “film noir” conjures old Hollywood black and white crime flicks, with a certain je ne sais quoi of mystery and sexiness that pulls you in for more, the European bistro Café Noir in Tel Aviv, has been justly named. It was early morning that I sat down in the indoor porch area of Café Noir, alone and by a window, sightseeing over the cross streets. The seating area and bar weren’t yet busy; it was right before the brunch and lunch rush and I wanted to get a prime spot at this Tel Aviv establishment. Early morning light seeped through the…