[“Origin Travel” During COVID-19] Monday Melt! Mexico – Vintage Posters & Champurrado Recipes

Today, we’re virtually traveling to the chocolate origin of Mexico. Chocolate beans from Mexico are generally known to taste more “earthy” and “savory.”

How can you experience the culture of Mexican chocolate during quarantine at home, today? Try making “Mexican drinking chocolate,” — melted chocolate spiced with cinnamon and/or chile, plus vanilla and some heavy cream or milk (see recipes below). The key with Mexican drinking chocolate is to use melted chocolate that’s 70% or above, and not to use cocoa powder, which would be what we know and love as “hot cocoa.”

First, let’s take a look at some vintage travel posters from Pan American and Braniff Airways and the Mexican tourism office:

Now, here’s a Mexican drinking chocolate recipe to start your culinary journey, and we also suggest this page and viewing the videos below. If you’re more adventurous and like to improvise, simply melt some craft chocolate that you currently have at home (dark and preferably from Mexico and/or stone ground) with some milk or heavy cream, and add cinnamon sticks. Enjoy! Sip and savor the moment.

Below, you can watch either short recipe videos (recipes for Mexican drinking chocolate, “champurrado,”) or a lengthier travel feature about chocolate in Mexico:

If you have 30 minutes, we also found this fun travel video, “Mexican Chocolate.”

Have you tasted chocolate from Mexico? Which brand is your favorite? Comment below!

Wishing you a beautiful “origin journey” today. Stay safe.

[New Poster Series: “Origin Travel” During COVID-19] Monday Melt!

Monday Melt’s often include inspiring chocolate posters, but during theses strange times of physical distancing, we’ll be posting vintage posters every Monday for the next 8 weeks to help us “travel the world,” and remain hopeful that we will venture again. In this poster’s case, today we’re “traveling,” safely from our homes, to Brazil.

Which origin are you enjoying right now? Comment below and we’ll find a poster for next week. Take care.

For more coffee posters, peruse our pinterest:

Monday Melt: Inspiring Chocolate Poster [Holiday Edition, Halloween]

French chocolate makers, the Menier family are known for building the first automated chocolate production facility for the industrial manufacture of chocolate, in France, 1825. Take a drone tour of the facility and read below ♥️

Chocolat Instantane, Francois-Meunier, Milano, Parigi, Italy, circa 1913

The Menier Hardware Company was founded in 1816 in Paris by Jean-Antoine Brutus Menier, the time when chocolate was mostly used for medicinal purposes: to coat pills in pharmacies.

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