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Back to Human Dark Chocolate – Total Eclipse of the Taste Buds

Back to Human – Almond Butter Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate bar – 70%

Perhaps you noticed the post on Time Cupsoul’s Instagram this week of the Back to Human chocolate bar. The Back to Human logo is an H and a U, “as in human,” according to their packaging. The “U” is formed by the shape of a hand and a circle and the branding seemed only fitting for the solar eclipse. What better time to feel as wild, insignificant, whole and alive than a human during a solar eclipse?

Did Back to Human chocolate live up to its name? The “Back to Human – Almond Butter and Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate 70%, Organic Stone-Ground Cacao, Fair-Trade Cacao, Primal and Vegan” bar, clearly presented quite the number of keywords. The packaging fit with the messaging on the back of the bar, “[I]t’s time to get back to the way humans ate before industry ruined food;” the copy is in black and brown over a paper bag material — simplistic and to-the-point with no bright, distracting colors. Yes, perhaps it could be argued that there is simply too much eco-jargon on the packaging, but the Hu Products brand certainly does its job identifying what the bar avoids (“no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar, no GMOs, no cane sugar…), and if it happens to be on-trend, at least the bar’s branding is direct and open about it. The branding/messaging will certainly appeal to specific niches — but also to the rest of us simply curious about new chocolate bars.

Upon first bite, Time Cupsoul was surprised. This bar was so uniquely different from others. Time Cupsoul paused and questioned. The ingredients include unrefined organic coconut sugar — was it the coconut? Could it be the puffed quinoa? Was it the almond butter?

Was it the softness of the bar? Yes, partially. This bar does not snap, but rather slowly fans open like a delicious peanut butter cup. Why? It’s a thick bar, filled with the almond butter and puffed quinoa, and so, is incredibly distinct. Soft yet slightly crunchy. It’s stone ground, too, further adding to the overall tasting experience — with a slight grittiness comparable to the Taza Bars, but even smoother.

Nibbling to discern the chocolate notes separately from the strong essences of almond butter and quinoa, the following flavor profiles came through: cocoa: melted chocolate ice cream, citrus: orange and/or (slight) lemon and milk: cheesecake.

Soon, bite after bite, Time Cupsoul devoured the bar and grew to love it. Was Time Cupsoul suddenly overcome by the eclipse? It was a total eclipse of the hea– taste buds.

Put those eclipse glasses back on; this was a time cupsoul.


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