Most Beautiful Chocolateries/Chocolate Shops in the World

We have a vision to travel the globe and spend time in some of the most beautiful, inspiring, decadent chocolate shops. Here’s our current wanderlust wish list of 8 gorgeous global chocolateries to visit:

1. A La Mere de famille, PARIS, FRANCE


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A Very Vosges Valentine: Unboxing the Alchemy of Egypt Chocolate Collection

Cleopatra Vosges Haut Chocolate Chocolate Alchemy of Egypt heart box
Vosges Chocolate “Alchemy of Egypt” Heart Box

Happy Valentine’s Day from Washington, DC ❤️ This is the Vosges Chocolate Alchemy of Egypt heart box, inspired by the deities, goddesses and queens of Egypt, and it is *stunning*. Vosges is truly the most luxurious chocolate on the market — the Rolex, Dior, Mercedes-Benz of cacao. This morning, we chose the Cleopatra bonbon, “Macedonian honey, figs and dark chocolate of 62% cacao are rolled in crispy white poppy seeds imbued with turquoise algae.” It’s incredible. This chocolate, dare we say, does Cleopatra justice. (If you’re interested in learning more about Cleopatra, the book pictured here is a fantastic primer to “the alchemist” herself.) You can buy this chocolate box or another collection, here. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Where to Buy the Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts in Washington, DC

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Do you have your gifts yet? Here are our 3 picks Across the city (+Online for shipping or pickup) where you can buy a great chocolate bar or box for your Valentine — just in time for the holiday of love.

pink heart cookies for saint valentine day
Photo by Gabby K on


Bar & Cocoa

ONLINE. Bar & Cocoa is our go-to online vendor for craft dark and milk chocolate bars. They have a robust collection of chocolate makers and a delectable assortment of Valentine’s Day treats. Happy shopping. If you’re quarantining, this is our #1 pick for Valentine’s chocolate gifts. 🙂

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The 6 Best Coffee & Chocolate Podcasts on Spotify

We respect that your time is precious. Our reverence for time — whether for inspiration or reflection — is literally in our name, time cupsoul. When we listen to podcasts, to love one, we set the bar extremely high. Here are our favorite chocolate and/or coffee-themed podcasts that feel more like nourishment than noise.

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Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Brand from Poland, “Chocolate Story,” Is Divine, Deserves Awards

Come one, come all. Gather ’round and let me tell you a tale of great chocolate…a tale of the brand Chocolate Story (Manufaktura Czekolady). The Polish chocolate maker has produced a delicious, complex chocolate bar with their 85% Colombian cocoa offering. We love trying cocoa beans from unique destinations… and also love trying chocolate bars manufactured in unique countries from around the world. So when we saw Poland online in the Bar & Cocoa shop, we were immediately intrigued. Is Poland known for chocolate making? Is it an up-and-coming chocolate making country? Looks like Chocolate Story is the first bean-to-bar maker in the country!

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Cyber Monday’s Craft Chocolate Gift Guide

For the Chocolate Purists/Globe Trotters/Adventurists:

Any of these cocoa gift options from Bar & Cocoa may tempt you. The website has new international chocolate bars and gifts what seems like every week! We’re curious about the brand new Heinde & Verre brand. Have you tried it? Free shipping over $60 on US orders and more deals if you spend $150.

For the Chocolate Creatives/Meditators/Dreamers:

We truly are awe-inspired by the Vosges “Haut-Chocolat” brand and creations. Today is the last day for 20% off almost everything (!) and then starting on 12/2, they will have a “Magnificent Seven Days” of sales for SMS subscribers 🙂 Be sure to sign up via the link above.

For the Home/Chocolate and Coffee Kitchen:

Giving one of these glass votive candles might set the holiday “tone” by wafting aromas of warm sugar fig. How about gifting these slippers or these these made-to-order cups? We also like the style of these mugs. The site also has plenty of other gorgeous items for your kitchen, too.

Happy holiday shopping 🙂

woman wearing pink v neck long sleeved shirt and red skirt holding christmas gifts
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