Espuma No. 12

Espuma: a weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the morning paper

  • Local/DC: The brand Via Volcan Coffee, which directly translates to: via the volcano, is now officially open! The Alexandria, VA roastery will serve coffee at the Cleveland Park farmers market on Saturday, the 21st. From their website: “SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE GROWN ON OUR FAMILY FARM ON THE SLOPES OF THE BARÚ VOLCANO IN THE PROVINCE OF CHIRIQUÍ, PANAMA.” Have you tried their coffee? The Panama “Geisha”?! Here’s their Insta for some on-the-ground info 😉
brown mountains
Here’s a photo of a volcano, just because they are amazing. Coffee is sourced from some of the globe’s most gorgeous destinations, isn’t it? Photo by Aron Visuals on

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2020’s Best Craft Chocolate Advent Calendars

We’re back again this holiday season! For 2020, we found the absolute best and most beautiful chocolate advent calendars by top chocolatiers of fine and craft chocolate around the globe. In our list, there are more than 14 advent calendars in all, in various shapes, designs and sizes from makers like Vosges Haut Chocolate, Le Chocolat des Francais, Zotter Chocolates, Hotel du Chocolat, Chocolat Alain Ducasse, PLAYinChoc, and more. Which one is your favorite?

What’s a chocolate advent calendar? Generally, it’s a container with tiny compartments and paper doors hiding chocolates, and it begins Dec 1st to count down the 24 days before Christmas — you open one compartment a day to reveal a chocolate morsel, truffle, bar, etc. December is coming soon, so order (or pre-order) your calendar today.

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10 Ways to Replicate Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” Episodes in Washington, DC

A few years ago, a controversial article came out in The Washington Post, stating that Washington, DC was much like Paris, France. Blasphemy! How could stoic, stone, serious Washington, DC be compared to the city of lights, the city of romance, the city of food, passion, beauty and history? Cue accordion music. No!

But the longer that we’ve lived here, the more that we experience moments of Parisian-like wonderment in the District. When we heard about the new Netflix sensation, “Emily in Paris,” we simply had to watch it. And okay, the show isn’t perfect. It’s borderline, if not fully offensive at times. Whether you love it or hate it, Emily in Paris is #1 on Netflix, and, for simply transporting us to the French capital during quarantine — for some beautiful fashion and a few superficial laughs, the show is truly great. Alas, none of us can travel to Paris right now. Hence, here are our 10 ways (one per episode of season 1) to live out “Emily in Paris” in Washington, DC!

Please do not read beyond this point if you haven’t yet watched the show and want to keep the locations a surprise. We truly don’t want to give away spoilers and we take no responsibility if you keep reading 😉

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