American Chocolate Bar #7: Askinosie Chocolate

It happened. Time Cupsoul finally tried Askinosie Chocolate! Askinosie's Dark Chocolate (70% Tanzania) + Crunchy Sugar Crystals & Vanilla Bean bar caught our attention; Askinosie partnered with "pioneering food friends" for a collection of their artisan "CollaBARation Bars," including the ancho chile and pistachio bar with Cafe Pasqual, and a dark chocolate and coffee bean bar [...]


An Italian Love Affair: Amedei Chocolate

Time Cupsoul was wandering around Georgetown, Washington, DC, recently, and happened upon Dean & DeLuca, a phenomenal grocery store with a fantastic selection of unique goods, including: fine craft chocolate. The chocolate bar offerings were seemingly endless at the store and even provided choices special to the DC area. How to choose which bar to buy? Sometimes, you just have to listen to what speaks or calls to you. An Italian brand, Amedei, on the top shelf, whispered in Italian. Andiamo.

New Chocolate Podcast

It's with great excitement that Time Cupsoul shares a new podcast solely about chocolate, entitled, "The Slow Melt," launched today. Why is Time Cupsoul sharing this first-ever chocolate podcast?  Author and The Slow Melt podcast host, Ms. Simran Sethi, is deeply admired by Time Cupsoul for her innovative food and environmental writing. Her book, Bread, Wine and Chocolate, [...]

American Chocolate Bar #4: [Sucre Chocolate]

It was the bright packaging with the tiny cellophane "window" that initially drew Time Cupsoul to Sucré chocolate bars. The window serves as a small preview of the bar's design and content, and really is quite seductive. So how could the choice be made between the equally intriguing combinations of Sicilian Pistachio and Rose Petal, Candied Coffee, or Salted Pretzel?