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The Best Coffee Shops on 14th Street in Logan Circle/ U Street Corridor, Washington, DC

Iced Coffee at the exterior of “The Wydown” on 14th Street, Washington, DC

If you only have time for one coffee tour of DC, look no further than the U Street Corridor and Logan Circle, where you’ll find incredible specialty coffee options all within reasonable walking distance. This list of coffee shops all dot 14th Street NW (south of U Street up until Thomas Circle, NW), and most of them offer absolutely delicious pastries and breakfast, to boot. It’s magic.

Where to start? We’re highlighting 4 of our favorite Coffee shops in the Logan Circle, U Street corridor!

Start your “Logan/U Street Coffee Shop Tour” today! In walking order From U Street, South.

El Secreto de Rosita/Chicha Market & Cafe

No one is talking about this one, but the coffee drinks are solid! Head to the address for El Secreto de Rosita on U Street, a *delicious* new Peruvian restaurant in DC (with a gorgeous interior), and you’ll find an open market (“mercado”) sign and a white gate. The market is parallel to the restaurant (be sure to peek inside!), and it serves Aneri, a classic Italian espresso blend (dark, bitter). Hungry? They offer fresh, chewy cookies (we’ve had the macadamia nut cookie) and pastries, plus empanadas. There’s a lovely patio out front, so why not people watch and enjoy the bumping Spanish music? When you visit this shop, suddenly, you’re not in DC anymore. You’re transported to a vibrant European capital. Or of course, to Peru 😉 DC coffee drinkers: let’s put this place on the map! (This is the only one on the list that’s not technically on 14th Street, thank you for bearing with us!)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Colada Shop

We covered this amazingly fun shop in our neighboring Dupont Circle Guide! Check out what we wrote or get more ideas, here! Divine.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Wydown

This may just be our #1 recommendation for you in this entire neighborhood guide, if not in all of DC! Yes, read that again. The Wydown has consistently delivered exceptional coffee drinks (specialty coffee from Passenger Coffee & Tea), and seriously the BEST muffins and scones that we’ve ever eaten. Ever. We’re just speechless. The Wydown is the gold standard. Just go. Promise?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Make sure that you walk all the way down 14th from U Street for this one. You won’t regret visiting! Specialty coffee alert! Slipstream is the only shop in DC that carries an espresso tonic drink (surprisingly bubbly, tart and refreshing!), unique lattes with house-made syrups, like their current pandan latte (“a sweet and bright herb”), and decadent muffins, banana bread and scones, and some signature egg sandwiches, too. We find ourselves going here again and again during the week; their innovative coffee menu keeps us entertained, and the shop even has great indoor seating (hands down best on this list for meeting a friend or studying)! It’s an eclectic, delicious place.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thanks for joining us on a coffee shop tour of Logan Circle and U Street, DC. Which coffee shop on this list is your favorite? Let us know! Comment with a 5-star rating (5 the best) and your experience, below.

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