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Espuma No. 89 – Upcoming Chocolate and Coffee Events in July + August!

portrait of a beautiful brunette tasting a chocolate dessert from a pan

ESPUMA (noun: foam, froth)

A weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

Happy weekend! This week marked the release of the Wonka movie trailer, which we are thrilled about. Watch the trailer and read our thoughts about the main character, here.

This morning, we enjoyed ceremonial cacao in our matcha latte. We love this combo! Have you tried ceremonial cacao and ceremonial matcha, together or apart? Let us know.

Looking for wonderful coffee or chocolate events this summer? We curated a bunch in July and August and even have a discount code for a special DC mindfulness retreat, below.

Your Coffee Shop Lifestyle

We came back from the Middle East extremely inspired to cook and also to bake. Have you baked a cake lately? How about enjoyed a good chocolate bar? We saw a video this week with a guest who preached that chocolate helps to grow stem cells. Yes, you read that right. Why not order some chocolate for your stash from Bar & Cocoa?

Some Chocolate Dessert

This summer showcases a lot of very beautiful coffee and chocolate-related events in the DMV region. We suggest the following:
Coffee Art, Detour Coffee$35
19-21 ESTVA
16:30-18:30 ESTDC
Art of Chocolate Making Class, Conche Studio (most Saturday’s)$75
10-12 ESTVA
Phim’s Oasis – Magic, mindfulness and meaningful connection in a safe space, Teaism$160+, as retreat sponsors, readers can use code Coffee4ever for a special discount
9-16 ESTDC
Chocolate Tempering Class, Conche Studio$75
10-11:30 ESTVA

Quote for the Weekend

“In calmness lies true pleasure.” —Victor Hugo

Until Soon…

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, filled with time cupsouls 🙂

This post is not sponsored. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means that if you do click through and then buy something, you may help support an insatiable coffee and chocolate habit at no cost to you. 🙂  Any written opinions here are by time cupsoul/our own.

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