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Espuma No. 85

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ESPUMA (noun: foam, froth)

A weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

Good day, Saturday! Thank you for your patience as we post this on Saturday morning (not Friday, like usual). We actually published a podcast last night – an experiment on a more “conversational” version of ESPUMA. If ESPUMA were a podcast…

Please listen to this fresh episode, which touches on some big coffee news that landed in DC this month: MAMAN and YELLOW have now arrived in Georgetown! We are updating our neighborhood guide to reflect these two great shops. In the 10 minute episode, we compare the ambiance, coffee quality and famous croissants of the two shops, head-to-head. Listen to hear who wins this round… and get tips to help you pick your preferred coffee shop vibe for the long weekend.

THANK YOU so much to our readers who took the 2023 Coffee Lovers survey 🙂 We will include your feedback in our 2023 content, and as always, everyone, please comment or message us with any writing wishes that you have.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, filled with time cupsouls 🙂

Your Coffee Shop Lifestyle

Did you know that we love to PIN? This week, we’re highlighted our trends, culture, lifestyle board, but we have a few for you to explore. Please follow us on Pinterest if you haven’t already; we’d love to see your boards!

Quote for the Weekend

“The level of healing we want to offer to the world will only go as far as we have gone into our own personal healing journey. Our understanding of Nature will only go as far as our understanding of our inner Nature. To know thyself is to cultivate virtue and you inner healing power. To know thyself is in fact to heal thyself.” — Sajah Popham

Some Chocolate Dessert + Reads

The Surprisingly Sacred Roots of Chocolate- Among the Maya, cacao has served as a powerful symbol from womb to tomb – This Gastro Obscura article gives a unique peek into the traditions of cacao in the Mayan tradition, and we especially loved learning more about how cacao is used for pregnancy and birth. To connect more with this type of sacred cacao, we suggest exploring this ceremonial cacao from Cacao Lab, a company whose ethos we align with. Be sure to use code CUPSOUL10 for a reader discount at checkout. Learn more about Cacao Lab in the first video, below.

Happy Weekend, Coffee Lovers!

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