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Fattoush Cafe//פטוש: Best Coffee in Haifa

This post was originally published on May 21, 2015 and updated on July 1, 2020.

Fattoush Cafe is the best answer for a delicious meal and unique cup of coffee in Haifa, Israel.

The cafe sits on a row of restaurants where beautiful Israeli hostesses tempt you with menus and deals. But Fattoush Cafe doesn’t need a beautiful hostess; the restaurant’s design is stunning all on its own. Only a small wooden stool with a stack of menus greets you, along with the smell of delicious dishes.

Time Cupsoul feels attracted to secluded outdoor patios — “magic gardens” at cafe’s, if you will. A lover of nature, drinking coffee surrounded by trees and flowers adds to the feeling of inner peace. It’s the feeling that creates a time cupsoul, a coffee experience of inspiration and calm. Fattoush Cafe’s garden patio is visible from the street, with the patio tables protected by vines and olive trees. Yes, this looked more than suitable.

The garden patio’s greenery is beautiful enough, but additionally, wind chimes and candles add to the zen ambiance. Fattoush Cafe’s patio has both Disney World Treehouse and classic Mediterranean coastline vibes, mixed in with a dash of Middle Eastern bazaar. If outside seating isn’t ideal, an indoor arched secret cave also invites patrons inside. Gorgeous, brightly colored pillows line the seating area and the white stone walls cool the room.

The outdoor patio is where I decided to try Fattoush’s menu. Once settled in to my seat outside, a friendly waitress greeted my table. To start: food. The hummus is delicious. Try the Arabic breakfast. Next? Coffee.

Fattoush Cafe boasts a variety of exciting coffee options. In Israel, the most common drink is “cafe hafuch” and sometimes hafuch’s and cappuccino’s taste the same. This was not the case at Fattoush.

Fattoush Cafe is one of the few places in Israel where the menu included a coffee drink with added flavoring (i.e. caramel latte). The Fattoush Vanilla Cappuccino was a true cappuccino (that was not too milky). A big decadent dollop of whipped cream topped it off. The vanilla flavors were subtle and added that “extra special touch.” The coffee was great. The Americano ordered at my table was also delicious. Drinking a whipped cream-topped coffee in an outdoor garden patio certainly was a time cupsoul.

Was this a time cupsoul?

Yes. The outdoor patio, great main courses, and unique coffee options set the standard high for cafe’s in Haifa. Please pick Fattoush when you visit Haifa; it won’t disappoint. +Based on pictures on their Instagram account, the restaurant is complying with COVID-19 procedures, e.g. staff wearing masks.

Would I put Fattoush Cafe’s business card in the time cupsoul “capsule”?


Need some more pictures of Fattoush to help your decision? Check out TripAdvisor! Find the restaurant’s website, here.

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