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The Best Green Tea Matcha Lattes in Washington DC

Raise your hand if you love a green tea matcha latte! Sometimes when you’re hankering for a more gentle caffeine buzz, matcha is the perfect answer — matcha’s caffeine release is more delayed than coffee, providing a calm alertness. However matcha has various grades, from cooking to ceremonial, and if you’re familiar with matcha, you know a poor quality matcha latte can taste too much like green grass … We’ve gathered some of your BEST options for matcha lattes in Washington, DC so that you can show your friends that you know green tea like an expert.

Where to start? We’re highlighting six of our favorite cafes to grab delicious matcha lattes in the District.

Start your “DC Matcha Latte Tour” today!


Our #1 recommendation for truly the most exceptional matcha latte in DC is Maketto. If you’re able to travel to NE, DC we doubt that you will be disappointed by this shop/cafe that has outdoor seating and awesome vibes. Maketto’s matcha latte is smooth, wonderful and delicious – the perfect pairing for a pastry or one of Maketto’s excellent breakfast or snacks. We go here for a truly unique DC experience and some hip hop, Asia aesthetic. Outdoor seating = check. Please go 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Royal

The second choice, silver medal, for a truly top notch matcha latte in DC is absolutely positively at The Royal. Grab one of the matcha lattes to-stay and order it with one of their excellent breakfast sandwiches or a guava pastry. This place is a very solid recommendation in DC – you won’t find a better casual/modern Latin kitchen with caffeine (matcha and coffee) offerings in Shaw, if not in all of DC. The chef’s always deliver interesting seasonal drinks and we love to go here for the high ceilings, tasty food, and artsy aesthetic. Outdoor seating = check.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Matcha latte at The Royal, taken by time cupsoul
Aslin Coffee

Are you on 14th Street? Coming in commendable Olympic bronze place, Aslin has coffee and matcha, and both are exceptional, 4.5 stars! It’s a surprise to us that more folks aren’t writing about Aslin’s coffee shop (just look at that creative menu!); we’ve consistently had great caffeine experiences at this location. The matcha is smooth and delectable, and best of all, Aslin opens early in the morning. All of our interactions with the baristas have been positive, and we enjoy that this place isn’t packed. People come here with their dogs, and there’s almost never a long line. Aslin is so much more than a beer company: they roast coffee! Please be brave and try their caffeinated drinks, matcha or coffee. Outdoor seating = check, ample; sit in the enclosed parking lot area benches and enjoy.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

More interested in a sweetened matcha? Order an iced matcha latte at Teaism, who has a couple of prime locations across the District. Teaism consistently delivers some of the best fast casual food in the city, and has become our go-to to gather with friends or colleagues over comforting dishes. We love the curry, scallion pancakes and their famous cookies. Give their matcha latte a chance – hot or iced! You can also buy stunning matcha gear here, like the matcha bowls/chawans, matcha whisks, etc, plus the matcha tea powder itself, which gives this place another edge above the rest if you drink matcha at home. Outdoor seating = depends on your Teaism location 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Cafe Integral

Inside of the Generator Hotel towards AdMo/north Dupont Circle, you can find a Cafe Integral. Their matcha has a smooth mouthfeel, and overall balanced flavor, though it is a bit earthier than some other DC options, albeit it grew on us, sip by sip. We’d like to note that they have a “Matcha Fizz” drink , which surely would be worth exploring as summer approaches DC. We like Outdoor seating = yes.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We would go back to Dolcezza for their matcha latte; it is really tasty, and you can get sweetened or non-sweetened. While we are not sure if this was/is ceremonial matcha, Dolcezza is always a great option for drinks and gelato, of course. We love their brand. Outdoor seating = some, depending on the location! We hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can also find some good matcha at Maman, Compass Coffee, Emissary, and Brew on U!

TIP: Just starting out with your matcha ritual at home? The best selection of ceremonial matcha powders and tools in the District is at Hanna Market or Rice Market.

Thanks for joining us on a matcha latte tour of DC. Which coffee shop on this list is your favorite? Let us know! Comment with a 5-star rating (5 the best) and your experience, below.

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