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Espuma No. 43

ESPUMA (noun: froth)

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Coffee & Reading the morning paper

    • Capital Chocolate Festival! Breaking news. There’s going to be a chocolate festival this autumn!, outside in Chantilly, VA, October 9th! 🙂 Stay tuned as we learn more information!
  • [Coffee Article] “Italy’s Ditta Artigianale Opens Coffee School in Former Florence Monastery.” Look at these pics! Wanderlust.
  • [Article We Enjoyed] Folderol Ice Cream Shop (and Wine Bar). +Where do YOU get great ice cream in DC? We love Dolcezza.
  • [Object] Happy Olympics! We’re currently watching a beautiful opening ceremony. The Polo Ralph Lauren USA outfits are so classy, and the speeches are touching. Why not celebrate the Olympics at home with this Japanese artisan-made cup and saucer in white? We hear that the Japanese coffee culture is incredible.
  • [Object] This leather pouch sling purse looks like something that belongs in a coffee shop photoshoot in Milan. <3 Swoon.

Quote for the weekend

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” 


your Coffee shop outfit + Coffee Shop Interior

woman in brown and white stripe long sleeve shirt holding white ceramic mug
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design inspiration =

We’ve been studying a lot lately, whether it’s brushing up on skills for work, learning something new for time cupsoul, or getting excited about autumn’s “back to school” spirit. What are you studying? How do you set up your study space? Is it at your desk or at the kitchen table? Or have you been working from cafes this July? Do you feel safe to work from coffee shops yet?

For us, studying always includes a strong cup of coffee, a desk by the window, and usually, our computer, but there’s nothing like a textbook and some trusty highlighters…

cup and teapot on tray on bed
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Some chocolate dessert


Have a lovely weekenD, with a time cupsoul, or two.

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