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Bayou Bakery: The Cafe that Created a Time Cupsoul Award

Memorial Day Weekend started off excellent. Completely dazed after seeing X-Men Days of Future Past, my friends and I exited the theater completely riveted and starving. Go see X-Men right now. And then, like I did, go to New Orleans. You don’t need a plane because you have Bayou Bakery.

Stepping inside of Bayou Bakery really was like walking into Louisiana. It was an instant…vacation. The decorations in this bakery and coffee shop are superb. Absolutely as if you’re in the Bayou. I hold some legitimacy here because I have been to New Orleans with my sister.

The music was classic ragtime and jazz, and the feel was light colored wood and sunny. Famous open-mouthed crocodile heads sprinkle the walls of the dining room, along with an outboard motor hanging from the ceiling, great wooden signage with funny sayings, and Saints gear everywhere. I can’t say enough about Bayou Bakery’s decor. Please, just go and see it. They have everything down to a t. Including a little sign that says the “sticky bar” with honey and sugar for your coffee. My eyes could not stop darting from corner to corner, amazed by new details.

The menu at Bayou is mouth watering. Though they don’t currently have a fryer, their downtown location (coming soon!) will, and Courthouse doesn’t need it anyhow. Their food is delicious and the varied menu will get your taste beds ready. I picked the classic Bayou BLT, and my friends got two other delicious looking sandwiches. It took a lot of self control to not try a few items from the menu. When I go back, I know I will have the homemade mac and cheese. Nothing like some good Southern comfort-food, y’all.

My BLT provided a very generous portion of salty bacon, and buttery Texas toast, with perfect seasoned cherry tomatoes. The sandwich was large; I took some of it home to save room for my latte… there was a latte my friend had told me about: the Bayou Buzz’n Beehive.

This latte is just WOW. Described to me from chef David Guas (thanks to Bayou Bakery’s awesome website for making me recognize later that is was the man himself!), as a layer of a homemade syrup of local honey, vanilla bean and orange zest in a mug, topped with espresso and milk, I could not wait to try it.

Bayou Buzz’n Behive gets the first ever most unique and delicious latte award from Time Cupsoul.  See now, I had to make an award for this latte because it’s just that incredible. I’ve never had anything like this drink. Who would ever guess honey and orange zest would be so delectable in the same drink as coffee? Hon, go and get it. The sweet flavor is subtle, yet obvious, and the different tastes of sweet, savory and bitter compliment each other beautifully.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. Even though the energy of Bayou Bakery is contagiously alive, I can see sitting down on one of the couches in the back and feeling that southern-comfort front-porch calm mind.

Would I put Bayou Bakery’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Absolutely, and I would include the Time Cupsoul award for most unique and delicious latte (Buzz’n Beehive).


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