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10 Ways to Replicate Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” Episodes/Lifestyle in Washington, DC

A few years ago, a controversial article came out in The Washington Post, stating that Washington, DC was much like Paris, France. Blasphemy! How could stoic, stone, serious Washington, DC be compared to the city of lights, the city of romance, the city of food, passion, beauty and history? Cue accordion music. No!

But the longer that we’ve lived here, the more that we experience moments of Parisian-like wonderment in the District. When we heard about the new Netflix sensation, “Emily in Paris,” we simply had to watch it. And okay, the show isn’t perfect. It’s borderline, if not fully offensive at times. Whether you love it or hate it, Emily in Paris is #1 on Netflix, and, for simply transporting us to the French capital during quarantine — for some beautiful fashion and a few superficial laughs, the show is truly great. Alas, none of us can travel to Paris right now. Hence, here are our 10 ways (one per episode of season 1) to live out “Emily in Paris” in Washington, DC!

Please do not read beyond this point if you haven’t yet watched the show and want to keep the locations a surprise. We truly don’t want to give away spoilers and we take no responsibility if you keep reading 😉

Episode 1] Re-Make the Pain Au Chocolat Moment at Un Je Ne Sais Quoi Patisserie in Dupont Circle

In episode 1, Emily has her first experience eating a chocolate croissant, or “pain au chocolat” from a small Parisian patisserie. She has a fun exchange with the cashier, and then exits the patisserie to take a bite out of the chocolat croissant standing in the cobblestone street. Emily bites into the crunchy, flaky pastry and says, “Oh My G-d.” She immediately posts an Instagram post with, “Butter and chocolate = <3.” We couldn’t agree more. Where can you reenact this in DC? At Un Je Ne Sais Quoi in Dupont Circle, of course. It’s a French-owned patisserie/bakery with some of the most delicious and ornate Parisian pastries that we’ve tried in the District. The venue is tiny and adorable, and features an international crowd. If you’re closer to Georgetown, we highly recommend Patisserie Poupon! You can’t go wrong there, either. Also French-owned.

Episode 2] Party with a View of DC’s Famous Landmarks

In episode 2, Emily attends a tres chic party at night where she meets a famous French “nose.” The party venue has a sprawling outdoor terrace with a view of the stunning, bedazzled Eiffel Tower. In 2021, why not plan to get a cocktail at rooftop bar Top of the Gate, the bar of the famous Watergate Hotel, or at POV (Point of View), to take in the panoramic views of Washington, DC?

Episode 3] Enjoy an Outdoor Lunch at a Parisian Cafe in DC

If you’re comfortable eating outdoors during quarantine, we might suggest Bistro du Coin in Dupont Circle for their famous French onion soup, or perhaps Le Diplomate on 14th street, for some serious Parisian vibes. We’re fairly certain that these restaurants are currently delivering!

Episode 4] Discuss Artwork at an “After Party” in DC’s Museums

Emily’s friend Camille takes her to an evening art exhibit and it reminded us of one of the many “after 5” events put on by DC museums. Look for virtual events during COVID-19 or check out Phillips After 5, National Gallery of Arts Nights (“NGA Nights”), or late night special events at the National Zoo in 2021 or 2022!

Episode 5] Experience the “Night Under the Stars” Immersive Exhibit at Artechouse DC

Emily tags along with Gabriel and Camille when they visit the Atelier Des Lumieres, which is basically a warehouse turned into an art-museum-lightshow. And we have something similar (although not as big, but still awesome) in DC! With rotating exhibits. The Artechouse! Have you been? 🙂 Right now, the show is crystals. Please review their quarantine policies.

Episode 6] Dress Up to Attend a Ballet Like Emily & the Professor at The Kennedy Center

There are few occasions (or so it feels) left to dress up for these days. And yes, during quarantine, you may have to wait to accomplish this one… but The Kennedy Center features a vast red carpet and beautiful entertainment from ballets to operas. How about those gorgeous lights/chandeliers that lift to the heavens when the show begins? Here’s their website.

Episode 7] Satisfy Retail therapy at Secondi or City Center

So much of “Emily in Paris” revolves around fashion and style. At the start of episode 7, Emily’s boss is shopping before work for a “none of your business trip.” While we’re sure she probably is frequenting a designer boutique, which can certainly be found in CityCenterDC, we also suggest the lovely high-end/$$$ consignment shop, Secondi, for some gorgeous pre-loved designer finds. Time to copy some of Emily’s famous outfits!

Episode 8] Visit a French Chateau!

Ok, we suggest planning your dream French vacation for this. There’s simply no comparison in DC. 🙂

Episode 9] Eat (or Smash) Some Creme Brulee and Enjoy the City’s Best Graffiti

We won’t give away the episode here, but it has to do with a fashion show gone wrong, some crème brulee and graffiti. To recreate this episode, perhaps you can find a sweet latte (maybe a caramel latte?) at a local DC coffee shop, and then walk around the city and to find its hidden murals! Look here for a list.

Episode 10] Take a Scenic Boat Cruise on the Potomac River

Emily takes a ride on the Seine River in a classic antique boat during the last episode. Have you ever been on a dinner cruise along the Potomac? The views are lovely and the boat ride relaxing. Something to look forward to in 2021 or later?

Which episodes do you plan to recreate based on this list? Remember to tag us on Instagram. Eager for more content like this? Please consider sending us a latte heart!

Au revoir!


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