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Our New Favorite Inspiring DC Coffee Spot: Seylou Bakery & Mill

Washingtonian hailed it as one of the “three [DC] bakeries you don’t want to miss,” it had a glowing write-up in the Washington Post, and Eater DC covered this shop as housing the “Steve Jobs of bread.” Welcome to Seylou Bakery & Mill, the capital’s first-ever mill-in-house, whole grain bakery in Shaw.

It opened in late 2017 and has received glowing reviews ever since, but seldom are journalists scooping Seylou as a coffee shop. And well, they should be. Seylou’s bread and pastries — all of its grain creations — will take your breath away, the shop’s ambiance will inspire you and the coffee drinks will fill you with calm and creativity. The aura of Seylou is unparalleled in Washington, DC. It’s serene. It’s inspired. It’s spacious. You simply must visit it.

Seylou provides a feast for the senses. Your eyes will flow naturally around the clean and modern decor, noticing the impeccable attention to detail in every corner, the exact, deliberate placement of each croissant and each loaf of bread, the seemingly perfect sterility, the contrast of colors, the attentive customer service and the gentle flow of patrons. You’ll soon be savoring all of Seylou’s stylistic elements. Your ears will enjoy the muffled sounds, the silence, and the soft, ideal acoustics that gently encircle you. The sounds in Seylou are as soft as sprinkling flour. Your hands will touch the delicious textures in Seylou, from the sturdy brick oven to the sleek counters and smooth, silver La Marzocco coffee machine to the crisp and yet soft galette touching your lips. Your taste-buds will revel in the freshness of the herbs and savory, salty cheese and the full-bodied smell and flavor of whole grains unfolding on your palate. And you’ll sip from the beautiful ceramic artisan mug, enjoying hot specialty coffee from local DC roaster, Small Planes. It’s almost too many beautiful sensations to take in at once. Too much magnificence to handle on a weekday or weekend morning.

Seylou Bakery & Mill Galette
© time cupsoul

Going to Seylou provided one of the most memorable timecupsouls that we have ever faced. A true and holistic encounter that delighted, surprised and calmed us all at once. You simply won’t find many other coffee shops like Seylou in DC. This may be the only time that we ever tell you that even if you don’t order a coffee at Seylou (!), we implore you to dine on their whole grain creations. Be honest though, what’s a more beautiful pair than a great cup of coffee and a warm pastry on the side – especially if it has chocolate in it? (Seylou has chocolate croissants.)  Have you been to Seylou?


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