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Folklore Coffee & Co.: Musings from Hershey

Ah, Pennsylvania, USA, the lovely location for chocolate, happiness and sunshine. It’s not just the dairy state, people, it has “Chocolate Town,” USA!

I was in Chocolate Town a few weeks back for business, and knew immediately that there would be some amazing desserts to try. Not just desserts, but the chocolate specifically, and also the coffee. With big cows moo-ing all around the PA pastures, I figured the cafe-au-lait would be a delicious choice; PA is known for its milk.  I love my coffee with milk, as you can tell from past reviews. Rare do I take it black.

After some meticulous research on coffee shops close to my hotel, I settled upon Folklore Coffee & Co.. They’re technically in Elizabethtown, but it’s not far from downtown Hershey.  Part of the reason I ultimately chose them? The… website design is superb.  The color palette, accessibility of information/menu, and graphics are perfect. I love good web design.

When I first walked into Folklore, I was immediately struck by the large and open interior. This place is BIG. I wasn’t in DC anymore.  It’s a huge floor filled with tables and couches that obviously serves as a perfect venue for concerts, as advertised by the tacked papers showcasing local bands. They call it “Folklore Coffee Presents…”

I meandered up to the large coffee bar, menu and baristas. There was no line, no gimmicks, just the wafting coffee smell alluring me to order something delicious. The menu boasts both food and coffee options, and their titles nod to folklore and fairy tales. Would you like to order a Jack and the Beanstalk wrap? How about a Shire panini? Wait, maybe you wanted the Robin of LOXly sandwich? Genius. The hot/cold beverage list has all the traditional coffee offerings.  Be alert, though, the real goodness is in Folklore’s creations. Folklore Coffee & Co. makes a lot of unique drinks. Take the Cafe Nutella, for example: Nutella, espresso, coffee and steamed milk.

What caught my eye and locked it was the Signature Creations, though. A list of six drinks, each more delicious sounding than the next. It’s worth reading all of the descriptions for yourself, even if just to torture your salivary glands.  My decision volleyed between the Hansel and Gretel and the Papa Bear. The Hansel and Gretel is Folklore’s “homemade chai with orange and cranberry steamed with milk,” and the Papa Bear is a “traditional cappuccino with honey and cinnamon.” My final decision was the Papa Bear and I have zero regrets.

The Papa Bear is sort of similar in feel to the Bayou Bakery’s signature drink. It’s the honey notes. Also, don’t you adore the name? The honey and cinnamon danced perfectly with the strong cappuccino flavors. I sat looking out the window, sipping my delicious drink and felt calm. This was a cupsoul.

The people/patrons inside were mostly high school or college age students, studying, and talking. Imagine a younger, more studious, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica sitting inside.  Basically, Folklore Coffee & Co. has a relaxed yet awake vibe. Throw in some of the music scene and then you have Folklore Coffee & Co. to a T.

Next time you’re near Hershey, drive over to this place and enjoy.

Was this a cupsoul?


Would I put Folklore Coffee & Co.’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes. Great drinks, good ambiance and stellar communications design.

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