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Nahat Cafe//נחת קפה: Energizing Vibes in TLV

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a review, and a bit longer since I felt this inspired. But today, I sit in Nahat coffee shop in Tel Aviv and I feel extremely strongly to write and share this beautiful place with the city.

Nahat Cafe is a brand new coffee shop located extremely close, if not next to, Dizengoff Square. It’s so new, that they are still completing some tasks inside and hanging things up. Trust me, this place is worthy of a visit now, because soon, I predict there won’t be seats inside…

At Nahat, the windows are huge and let abundant light inside, where patrons can sit at a beautiful wooden bar with black and cedar-colored chairs. The bar is decked with welcoming green plants. As you sit, it’s easy to look outside at the pretty patio with more patrons relaxing, sipping coffee, and smoking cigarettes in the sunshine. It’s very European, or shall I say, Mediterranean — it’s Israeli at it’s best moments. Something out of a movie.

The design inside is eclectic but clean. It’s like art in itself: geometric shapes and colorful paint, with very crisp details that makes the space feel fresh and airy. It has an upbeat vibe, complimented by the great lounge music that is more “summer rooftop” than “smoky-winter.” Small bags of coffee for sale adorn the walls, and a very cool lamp hangs from the ceiling over the coffee bar. It’s just a positive, artsy, place. A coffee shop that could easily be translated to many world capitals: DC, Paris, Milan, New York.

The service is very respectful and friendly. I ordered the little glass jar of parfait, with fresh yogurt, homemade raspberry jam and homemade granola, and it was delicious. Obviously very fresh ingredients were used. For my coffee order, it had to be cappuccino; I had high expectations for some latte art. As I waited for my items, I sat down and found a seat at the wooden bar/counter, enjoying the people watching outside as I opened my laptop. Yes, there is WiFi. Within just a few minutes, my order arrived. The coffee came in a pretty slate mug, held by a beautiful blue saucer. The design details do not go unnoticed here. Isn’t great coffee better in quality ceramics? And the latte art, well, look at the pictures. Latte art, on point.

The coffee, though I didn’t ask what bean or roast I was sipping on, was delicious. Hearty and bold but with a clean finish. Given with the latte art, and the great taste, I was not at all disappointed. I will certainly be back to Nahat as soon as possible. It is clear that there is some very real coffee knowledge and skill located here. Time Cupsoul looks forward to watching Nahat get famous.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes, there is something very energizing and enticing about Nahat Cafe. It could be the amazing coffee and latte art, or it could be the uplifting music and clean, colorful, details. Nothing but good vibes from this place.

Would I put Nahat Cafe’s business card in the time cupsoul?



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