Baked & Wired: Adventures in Georgetown


It’s been named one of the top ten bakeries in the United States by Fodor’s Travel, and it’s easily one of the most talked about coffee shop locations in the area.  Do not miss Baked & Wired, just next to Georgetown’s historic C&O canal.

Baked & Wired came backed with a lot of hype and praise; people have been telling us to go there for years. Somehow, we never got around to it. There’s something about actively avoiding that which is so coveted. Just because everyone loves it, does not mean that you would or should. Enter Saturday morning. Sunshine streaming through the windows, summer air beckoning nature into the light.  Everyone was outside enjoying the weather and it was time to finally visit Baked & Wired. (When this article was first published, we wrote: “I got on a crowded bus and happily listened to my iPod to get down to M Street.” Oh, nostalgia during COVID-19! Oh nostalgia for iPods!)

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Watching: A Film About Coffee

Though I do not have affiliation with this film, from the moment that I heard about it, I became excited. This past week it went live online.  Stunning cinematography and a wonderful weaving of stories.  Rent or buy this journey through coffee on Vimeo; highly recommended for coffee lovers.

Nelly Kitchen: Organic, Relaxing Haven


Today, I was in Old Jaffa, Israel after stopping at the amazing Shoplifters: Aesthetic Chaos fashion & design shopping space, and passed by a little garden patio with tables and chairs, framed by vines and greenery.  I said, “look how cute!” as I looked in on the people sipping coffee and talking. My boyfriend immediately put the car in reverse and we parked behind what we later discovered is Nelly Kitchen.

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Folklore Coffee & Co.: Musings from Hershey

Ah, Pennsylvania, USA, the lovely location for chocolate, happiness and sunshine. It’s not just the dairy state, people, it has “Chocolate Town,” USA!

I was in Chocolate Town a few weeks back for business, and knew immediately that there would be some amazing desserts to try. Not just desserts, but the chocolate specifically, and also the coffee. With big cows moo-ing all around the PA pastures, I figured the cafe-au-lait would be a delicious choice; PA is known for its milk.  I love my coffee with milk, as you can tell from past reviews. Rare do I take it black.

After some meticulous research on coffee shops close to my hotel, I settled upon Folklore Coffee & Co.. They’re technically in Elizabethtown, but it’s not far from downtown Hershey.  Part of the reason I ultimately chose them? The…

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Peet’s Coffee & Tea: Grand Opening on 17th Street

This morning marks the grand opening of Peet’s Coffee & Tea on 17th Street, downtown Washington, DC.  I’ve been excited about this addition to the city ever since I saw its sign go up on the corner.  Peet’s is locally described as the “West Coast Starbucks.”  Given that Starbucks also started on the West Coast, I think people mean Peet’s was formerly a West Coast chain while Starbucks dominated the East Coast — that is, until now.

Well, I think Starbucks has some competition!  I tried a vanilla latte this morning, and it…is delicious. The vanilla flavor isn’t as strong as Starbucks’ and the coffee notes came through nicely, adding to the flavor. Peets’ vanilla latte has a very smooth taste.

The baristas made a point to ask everyone in line (within my earshot) what kind of milk they preferred, which is something that not every coffee shop does. Listing all of the types of cow’s milk and soy and almond, the options were plentiful.  Starbucks does not offer almond milk, so that sets Peet’s apart.

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