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2022 Chocolate + Coffee Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s November, coffee and chocolate lovers! Now is the perfect time to grab a unique, seasonal 2022 coffee or chocolate advent calendar for your loved one; they usually sell out — and to get ahead of your holiday shopping. Here’s some of our picks for the most decadent and unique coffee and chocolate-related items on the market this year. Whether it’s a new mug, a chocolate-scented candle, or ganache-colored cookware, we hope that you love our list ❤️

Hand-Crafted Mug for Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa or Matcha

Credit: Etsy seller

Everyone needs a favorite mug to drink something hot this holiday season. This Japanese UtopiaMug caught our eye. “Utopiamugs are the perfect Japanese Hand-crafted mugs for Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate. Our mugs are exceptionally special due to their unique crafting method. Each mug is kiln glazed using a method inspired by Raku ware. This gives each mug a unique colour, texture and pattern.” Buy a Japanese-inspired mug here.

Ceremonial Cacao Elements Earth-Wind-Fire-Water Variety Tins

Credit: Cacao Laboratory

2022 marked our new love affair with ceremonial cacao, and now we cannot live without her gentle, passionate spirit. Our go-to brand is Cacao Laboratory; we believe in their ethos. “The Sacred Elements Blends were created to help you harness the qualities of each of the four sacred elements. Now get all of our beloved Element Blends tins together in an easy-to-use variety pack!  Meet any mood, energy, or intention with the appropriate Cacao+Superfood ally! Included in this variety pack are all our Ceremonial Blends: Fire Blend: Formulated with turmeric and black pepper to motivate and empower you. Water Blend: Formulated with coriander and maca to awaken your inner artist. Air Blend: Formulated with hibiscus and cardamom to help you communicate with more ease and compassion. Earth Blend: Formulated with moringa and chipotle to strengthen your physical body and bring you back to your roots.” Buy these tins, here; they make great hot drinking chocolate for that new mug.

Vosges Haut Chocolat Ultima Materia Collection

Credit: Vosges

Vosges does it again! Their branding is simply exceptional, and this box is no different. “The Holiday 2022 collections are made to beckon you to peek behind the doors of your heart, open the windows of the mind, and to pull out literal drawers to find delectable sweets. To feast with friends, have enchanted evenings with family and encourage merry making throughout the season and beyond, all while embracing your own inner magnitude. I’ve traveled the world over to find just the right ingredients to blend with sacred cacao and infusing them with heart opening and vibe raising frequencies is my gift to you this holiday season. Let their beauty, smell, touch, and tastes be an invitation to seek. For when you accept such overtures, it is then that the light swells beneath your feet to show you the way.” […] “A box of chocolate magick. This collection of 21 chocolates and guided tasting book is designed to transform your chocolate into a powerful force. Ultima Materia was known as rich, transformative soils that alchemists searched the world over. This collection is rooted in beautiful chocolate, which from the moment it is seen begins to elicit an unlock of the senses.” Purchase this delectable collection, here.

2022 Cluizel Advent Calendar

Credit: Cluizel

Another stunning chocolate advent calendar for your loved one. “Cluizel has brought together all its greatest chocolates in a pretty advent calendar with a magical decor. A real pleasure for the eyes, it is also and above all for the taste buds, with an assortment of exceptional chocolate, reflecting the know-how of this French chocolate maker. In order to vary the pleasures, in this book that looks like a storybook, you will find 24 creations throughout the month of December. Between childish flavors of Gianduja, pralines and milk chocolate; or more exotic ganaches, there’s something for everyone! In addition to being beautiful, this calendar is 100% recyclable!” Get this advent calendar here.

2022 Amedei of Tuscany Advent Calendar

Credit: Amedei

We absolutely love Amedei and reviewed them in this very blog. Their 2022 advent calendar looks amazing. “Count down to Christmas with chocolate treats that are sure to delight! LIMITED QUANTITES! Pre-order now and it will arrive by November 29th. A beautiful, gift-worthy calendar made from recycled cocoa bean shelves, this box contains 25 drawers with a mix of mini bars, pralines, napolitain squares that convey the entire range of Amedei’s range of chocolate finesse. A journey to discover Absolute Chocolate, enclosed in a box that presents 50 hand crafted creations to be discovered day after day.” Take home Amedei here.

2022 Nespresso Vertuo x Pierre Herme Advent Calendar


First look 🙈 of the @nespressousa @nespresso x @pierrehermeparis 2022 Nespresso Vertuo advent calendar is 🤌💋 ! Spoiler alert! ……. The coffee mug is stunning…! We cannot wait to reveal the daily secrets to you.

♬ It is a fun Christmas background music. shop… – yaeyamada

An advent calendar for coffee? Yes please!! We’re reviewing the calendar over on our TikTok and LOVE the surprise… see it in the spoiler alert in the video! Available at Nespresso boutiques or online.

Hot Cocoa + Peppermint Soy Candle

Credit: Etsy seller

There’s nothing like the warm, cozy, wonderful fresh and inviting smells of the holidays. Why not gift this candle to get into the winter spirit? “Burn Time: 60+ Hours. Scent Notes: Top: Steamy Milk, Cool Peppermint. Middle: Creamy Cappuccino, Brown Sugar, Rich Hot Cocoa. Base: Balsam Peru, French Vanilla.” Purchase this special candle, here.

Le Creuset Chocolate-Inspired “Ganache” Colored Cookware

Credit: Le Creuset

Okay, I mean, how gorgeous is this color?! For the cook(s) in your life! What a stunning gift, no? Buy it from their website.

Happy holiday shopping! 🙂

This post is not sponsored. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means that if you do click through and then buy something, you may help support an insatiable coffee and chocolate habit at no cost to you.  Any written opinions here are by time cupsoul/our own.


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