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Kaldi’s Coffee Bar: Fresh Perspectives

Kaldi’s Coffee Bar in Silver Spring is a great getaway for anyone seeking some coffee solace.

Abnormal to my routine, I was at Kaldi’s fairly late in the day but felt the same sense of calm that I might feel at another coffee shop just opening its doors. Kaldi’s was busy, yet quiet. It just had a lovely energy. The baristas were extremely welcoming and friendly.

Quickly sensing it was my first time inside, the barista…smiled widely, explained the shop is Ethiopian, and handed me a menu and one-pager on their paninis. I surveyed the coffee menu, and glanced at the pastry window. The small delicacies looked delicious. I chose the vegan coconut cake. I’m not vegan, but anything coconut is a weakness of mine. I also ordered a mocha and found a seat in the pretty seating area. There were deep wooden chairs and low wooden coffee tables, dining tables, and some couches.

I found a quiet chair, covered by light pouring into the large windows, and set down my coffee and cake. Many people were studying, I noticed. More people were reading notebooks or on their computers, than chatting informally.

The atmosphere, like I mentioned, was friendly and studious. I sunk into my chair and took a small bite of the coconut cake, my first ever vegan cake, and it wasn’t dry; the icing on top added a perfect amount of sugary glaze. This was a decadent moment. The mocha was next. Deep coffee notes, with hints of chocolate. Great.

While enjoying my snack and coffee, I realized I didn’t love the chair, or maybe, I just wasn’t used to it. Though the chairs are very deep, with hard wooden arms, you either have to sit on the edge and lean down to write and/or read, because the table is low, or just sit back and lounge. Once I got comfortable, I felt better. I did notice there are a few large tables, which are wonderful for studying at. And there are also normal couches, too. Just make sure you snag a seat for your ideal purpose!

I decided that Kaldi’s is a great place to read and ponder, and lounging is best. There’s always a good time for lounging, right?

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. I liked the studying atmosphere, and lounge chairs. The vegan coconut cake is definitely worth a try!

Would I put Kaldi’s business card in the time cupsoul?


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