Kaldi’s Coffee Bar: Fresh Perspectives

Kaldi’s Coffee Bar in Silver Spring is a great getaway for anyone seeking some coffee solace.

Abnormal to my routine, I was at Kaldi’s fairly late in the day but felt the same sense of calm that I might feel at another coffee shop just opening its doors. Kaldi’s was busy, yet quiet. It just had a lovely energy. The baristas were extremely welcoming and friendly.

Quickly sensing it was my first time inside, the barista…smiled widely, explained the shop is Ethiopian, and handed me a menu and one-pager on their paninis. I surveyed the coffee menu, and glanced at the pastry window. The small delicacies looked delicious. I chose the vegan coconut cake. I’m not vegan, but anything coconut is a weakness of mine. I also ordered a mocha and found a seat in the pretty seating area. There were deep wooden chairs and low wooden coffee tables, dining tables, and some couches.

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