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La Mano Coffee Bar: Where You Fix Your Karma

UPDATE (2018): Please note that La Mano is permanently closed.

La Mano Coffee Bar, in Takoma, is a tiny and unique coffee shop, spotted easily by its lit-up hand in the window.

La Mano is the first coffee shop at which I used my DC Disloyalty card, with the main idea of the card being to try different coffee shops in the area. The participating coffee shops in the DC Disloyalty program include: La Mano Coffee Bar, Chinatown Coffee Co., Blind Dog Cafe, Peregrine Espresso, Filter, and the Coffee Bar.

I found parking near the coffee shop, but I am sure that…the metro stop is not located far from La Mano.  The area isn’t incredibly attractive at the moment, as that major construction is going on across the street, but La Mano has created its own little haven on the block. It’s a diamond in the rough.

I really love the quaint decorations in La Mano; there are awesome plants in the window, including succulents. There is a Midwestern-gypsy-feel to the decor, partially due to the astrological hand and also the cacti gracing the shelves. The place feels calm, which I love. It was a quiet morning, and the friendly energy glowed inside.

I ordered a chai latte, and it came to me in a large blue mug with bubbly milk. I sat at a tiny coffee table in the window of La Mano, and enjoyed people watching and sipping on my delicious drink. The chai was perfect; not gritty, not too syrupy, just right. Just thinking about my experience while writing this has lowered my blood pressure.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. La Mano is, like I mentioned, a diamond in the rough. It’s tiny, but provides a major energetic dose of serenity, and great drinks.

Would I put La Mano’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Most definitely.


  • Katie P. Smith

    Yes! It is my favorite coffee shop in DC. I go every time I’m in Takoma Park, which is at least a couple times a month. I love their cafe´au lait and fish spread sandwich on gluten-free bread. Seriously, I have this almost every time. I’m not a huge coffee fan, so for me to go back to the same place multiple times is really saying a lot. The coffee is soooo smooth and good. I’m a creature of habit, and Mano always makes my coffee so precise and perfect. The place is cute and laid-back, and also child friendly. They will make your kid a beautiful cup of steamed milk with honey. Good teas also, and the spinach hand pies are super!

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