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Jean Philippe Pâtisserie: Chocolate

Jean-Philippe Patisserie is a decadent pâtisserie owned by Chef Jean-Philippe Maury, a world-renowned pastry chef from France. Time Cupsoul’s dear sister picked up a chocolate bar and chocolate bon-bon at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, and bottom line, the chocolate is lovely.

Crand Cru Dark Valrhona 85%, Jean-Philippe Patisserie

First, the chocolate bar packaging revealed the deep-brown color of the bar via a large, clear cellophane “window” and also showcased the cursive “Jean Philippe Pâtisserie” logo in brown and yellow. The back of the packaging stated:

“‘Like jewelry or perfume. A blend, a shape, a texture. Creating candy with precision, emotion and passion. Give yourself the pleasure of gods.‘ -Jean-Philippe Maury”

The bar’s thickness was substantial compared to the previous Time Cupsoul review of Marou Chocolate, yet provided an elegant, quick snap. Breaking off a small corner of chocolate and tasting it slowly gave way to numerous cocoa flavor notes:

  1. earthy   Soil
  2. citrus (lemon) Lemon
  3. nutty flavor (peanut) Peanut

Immediately, taste-buds predicted Ghanaian bean origin. Small lettering on the package’s ingredients list soon disclosed: Grand Cru Dark Valrhona 85% chocolate.

After some research, it appears that the bar is the Abinao Valrhona, made with cocoa beans from Africa. (Good job, taste-buds!) Ghanaian cocoa is generally known to have a creamy-sour flavor, which does come through in this Jean Philippe bar, but Time Cupsoul also detected a nuttiness (like peanut shells), that’s more akin to the Sao Tomé region. For now, it remains a mystery!

The bon-bon, which came in an adorable intricate package, showed a sneak-peek of Jean Philippe’s other chocolate creations; with a soft, delicious texture and perfect bite of sweetness, it was truly a savory moment. All in all, the Jean Philippe bar and bon-bon were delicious, and provided a relaxing time cupsoul. If you find yourself in Vegas, the Jean Philippe Pâtisserie is a Time Cupsoul recommended stop. Perhaps you may even taste from one of his famous chocolate fountains!

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. This bar was generously gifted to Time Cupsoul with no requirement to review.

Thanks to: “Fertile Soil” icon by Oliviu Stoian, “Lemon” icon by Iconic and “Peanut” icon by Creative Stall, all from The Noun Project.

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