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CLOSED: Little Red Fox Market & Coffee Shop: A Secret Gem

Little Red Fox Market & Coffee Shop may not be listed on all of the big lists for DC coffee shops yet, but it soon will be. Situated on the strip of stores in Cleveland Park right next to Politics & Prose and Comet Ping Pong Pizza, I first happened upon Little Red Fox quite by mistake, while picking up a book at Politics & Prose.  The shop was closed at the time, as it was a Monday, but I felt excited just from reading the sign and seeing the interior through the windows. This was a new coffee shop and wasn’t yet on the tourist radar that I was aware of. Discovering hidden gems is absolutely the best.

I must confess that… my favorite Little Red Fox experience is very early in the morning before the crowds arrive. Little Red Fox is famous in Cleveland Park and starts buzzing on weekends faster than you can say “good morning.”

I was so early one fateful morning that I was the only patron inside, and the city itself was still waking up, lazy, hazy and gentle.

Little Red Fox

The interior design of Little Red Fox is white walls and open space. There’s a chalk board menu hanging high behind the coffee bar, showcasing their latest coffee drinks and a delicious food menu.  As you can see from the pictures, Little Red Fox offered chicken Parmesan and a curry dish that were on display at the bar.  Both dishes looked delicious and truly woke up my taste buds — just by sight.  

While waiting in the brief line, I perused the shelves of local, fresh items for sale, along with Little Red Fox branded tote bags and unique coffee instruments, like french presses. There’s a selection of beer and wine, hot sauce, glass jars filled with unique dips/jams, and a refrigerated section with milk and other fresh items for sale.  Just when I thought the selection could not get more varied, I noticed some artisan chocolates.  All in all, the market section of Little Red Fox is exceptional.  One could certainly purchase a gift for a unique garden soiree or dinner party and be the talk of the town.

In front of the shop, there’s a seating area, flanked by a sign that says “computer/laptop free zone.” It’s a wooden communal table right next to the large shop window, so provides a great view to the outside.

The space feels fresh and new, like it’s where locals would want to pick up their morning coffee, fresh meal of the day, and some wine for dinner. In this sense, it has a very European flavor; it’s your local, beautiful, go-to place for coffee… and more. You might see your friend sitting at a table outside, strike up a conversation and enjoy the weather together. It has that nice slow-down ambiance; you’re going to stop and look in awe at what they’re selling, but the service certainly isn’t slow, it’s quick and tailored to meet every patrons’ needs.

My mocha was delicious. The latte art was beautifully made, and the temperature and taste were both excellent. Somehow, Red Fox’s choice of cup really added an extra touch; the paper material is sturdy and does not leech any flavors into the drink.  I tasted the mocha and the mocha alone.  Bottom line, I really enjoyed the coffee experience that I had at Little Red Fox.

Was this a cupsoul?

I would call this experience lovely. A truly beautiful morning, with a small-market feel.

Would I put Little Red Fox’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes. Not only for its coffee, but for its wonderful market selection and delectable looking food. I am eager to return and try one of their sandwiches or pies.


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