Experiencing a Time Cupsoul @ Little Red Fox



Little Red Fox
What brings you peace? What adds serenity into your life? Is it a morning cup of coffee where you can sit with your thoughts, letting them softly bubble up like the đŸ„› bubbles that gentle emerge from your latte art? Slow. Slow down. Listen. Feel the crisp pastry đŸ„ crunch and melt into your mouth. Savor the weekend. Savor the conversations next to you. Breathe in the smell of fresh coffee. Sip your coffee ☕ Now you’ve experienced a #timecupsoul. {P.S. the interior updates @littleredfoxdc are magical}

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Little Red Fox Market & Coffee Shop: A Secret Gem

Little Red Fox Market & Coffee Shop may not be listed on all of the big lists for DC coffee shops yet, but it soon will be. Situated on the strip of stores in Cleveland Park right next to Politics & Prose and Comet Ping Pong Pizza, I first happened upon Little Red Fox quite by mistake, while picking up a book at Politics & Prose.  The shop was closed at the time, as it was a Monday, but I felt excited just from reading the sign and seeing the interior through the windows. This was a new coffee shop and wasn’t yet on the tourist radar that I was aware of. Discovering hidden gems is absolutely the best.

I must confess that…I’ve actually been in Little Red Fox twice since that day: once extremely early in the morning and again recently when I took more pictures and drank more coffee.  The early morning experience was my favorite because I was the only patron inside, and the city itself was still waking up, lazy, hazy and gentle.

Little Red Fox

The interior design of Little Red Fox is white walls and open space. There’s a chalk board menu hanging high behind the coffee bar, showcasing their latest coffee drinks and a delicious food menu.

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