Ten Observations from the Land of Juan Valdez: Bogota, Colombia

Greetings from sunny Bogotá, Colombia. Time Cupsoul is pleased to report to finally be in coffee country! It’s so great to be here.

Exploring around Bogotá today, here are first day observations:
1) The city is huge – it can take 40 minutes to taxi between the city center and the Candelaria, or historic district. Candelaria is gorgeous; the architecture is stunning. It’s like a scene from a Gabriel Garcia Márquez novel
2) This is definitely a business formal town; many people wear suits
3) Mondongo and arepas are amazing. Love the food so far
4) Alpacas sit and walk in front of the parliament, on leash to attract tourists. They are precious!
5) The unofficial motto of the city is “tranquilo, todo bien” 🙂
6) Traffic is horrible everywhere in the city
7) The city features many active military
8) In looks, Bogotá reminds me of a cross between Buenos Aires and Quito
9) The graffiti is insane! I can’t wait to snap some pics and share
10) The coffee definitely lives up to its rep…More on this later!






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