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How to Support Local DC Coffee & Chocolate Shops During the Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

These are unprecedented times in recent human history. We now have the opportunity to be responsible and to stay at home to reduce the curve. As that this is a website about coffee shops and chocolate stores, we know that many local businesses will suffer during these trying times.

Please consider buying some coffee beans, chocolate bars, online merchandise or gift cards to support your favorite local brands and enjoy their delicious offerings in the safety of your own home. Below you will find our DC list.

Below is the start of a short list of some of our favorite local DC shops with the link to their shops/gift cards. If you’ve never been, trust that these are coffee shops and chocolate stores that we personally love and highly recommend to DC residents and visitors. Perhaps you could buy a gift card and plan to go to one of these places when this quarantine phase passes. (No particular order.)

  1. Little Red Fox – Cleveland Park, DC – (for more info, read our article, here)
  2. The Royal -Le Droit Park – (for reference, read our article, here)
  3. Maketto – H Street –
  4. Buttercream Bakeshop – Mt Vernon – (for reference, read our article, here)
  5. The Wydown – U Street –
  6. The Chocolate Shop DC – Dupont Circle – (for reference, read our article, here)

There are MANY other local shops/restaurants to support, too. See a bigger list of DC locales, here.

Wherever you are in this world, please support who you feel comfortable with supporting during this time, and who are able to support. We’re all in this together.

Stay well,

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