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CLOSED: Chinatown Coffee Co: The Place for Alternative Fans

This morning, I journeyed down to Chinatown with every intention of going to Vigilante Coffee’s pop-up cafe.  Once I arrived on the scene, it wasn’t there. Anyone else know why Hogo’s is boarded up? Luckily, there was a close second for coffee shop choices in the area: Chinatown Coffee Co.

After a short walk from the Chinatown metro, I arrived to the entrance. After walking right into the open doorway, I noticed the interior: garage-like. Chinatown Coffee Co. has a brick wall interior, and a slick…floor that almost feels like a warehouse. The music was probably the first thing that I noticed – hence the title of the blog; alternative was playing. I’m not sure if this was one barista’s playlist or if it’s the shop’s general music choice. It was a bit loud.

The general style of the shop was what I would label “grungy,” using that word like in the fashion-world, and not negatively. There are some tables along one side of the wall, and a few more in the front and the back of the shop. Many patrons were sitting happily, typing on their computers. I couldn’t find a seat but there are stools on the end of the coffee bar to grab, situated right next to the complimentary water spout.

Chinatown Coffee Co. used whole, organic milk, taken from beautiful glass jars right behind the coffee bar. The whole milk is definitely something that I believe Chinatown Coffee Co. prides themselves on; the empty bottles were strewn on the counter tops. The church bells chiming briefly, which were louder than the music, were calming and beautiful. These two things made Chinatown Coffee Co. very lovable.

The mocha that I ordered was quite delicious and I do believe it’s largely due to the whole milk.  Whole milk’s rich flavor made the mocha really full-bodied which was lovely. The barista’s latte art and process was very enjoyable to watch; he had such a way of pouring the milk from a height, which I’ve never seen.  The mocha was very good, and I appreciated the whole milk. I’ll have to try a different drink next time I go to Chinatown Coffee Co.

Was this a cupsoul?

I think I have to return to provide a firm yes or no. I will say, this was a place I would go to in order to pretend like I’m in a really cool garage band. It had a very unique energy.

Would I put Chinatown Coffee Co.’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes. This place has a cool charm and vibe I haven’t seen before. Minimalist-cool and yummy whole milk drinks!

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