Thank You, 2014

Time Cupsoul wants to say thank you for an amazing year. It’s been such a great global journey so far and I’m excited for 2015. Never stop searching for your cupsoul.

Watching: A Film About Coffee

Though I do not have affiliation with this film, from the moment that I heard about it, I became excited. This past week it went live online.  Stunning cinematography and a wonderful weaving of stories.  Rent or buy this journey through coffee on Vimeo; highly recommended for coffee lovers.

Chinatown Coffee Co: The Place for Alternative Fans

This morning, I journeyed down to Chinatown with every intention of going to Vigilante Coffee’s pop-up cafe.  Once I arrived on the scene, it wasn’t there. Anyone else know why Hogo’s is boarded up? Luckily, there was a close second for coffee shop choices in the area: Chinatown Coffee Co.

After a short walk from the Chinatown metro, I arrived to the entrance. After walking right into the open doorway, I noticed the interior: garage-like. Chinatown Coffee Co. has a brick wall interior, and a slick…floor that almost feels like a warehouse. The music was probably the first thing that I noticed – hence the title of the blog; alternative was playing. I’m not sure if this was one barista’s playlist or if it’s the shop’s general music choice. It was a bit loud.

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Baked & Wired: Adventures in Georgetown

It’s been named one of the top ten bakeries in the United States by Fodor’s Travel, and it’s easily one of the most talked about coffee shop locations in the area.  Do not miss Baked & Wired, just next to Georgetown’s historic C&O canal.

For me, Baked & Wired came backed with a lot of hype and praise; people have been telling me to go there for years. Somehow, I never got around to it. There’s something about actively avoiding…that which is so coveted. Just because everyone loves it, does not mean that I would or should. Maybe I avoided it because Georgetown isn’t that easy to access. One must take a bus or drive to get into Georgetown – there’s no metro access.

Enter Saturday morning. Sunshine streaming through my windows, spring air beckoning nature into the light.  Everyone was outside enjoying the weather. I got on a crowded bus and happily listened to my iPod to get down to M Street.

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