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The Blind Dog Cafe at Darnell’s: For an Old Hollywood Gritty Morning

The Blind Dog Cafe at Darnell’s uses Vigilante Coffee Company coffee, and Blind Dogs’ baristas know how to handle the roast they’re given. I was insanely impressed by this coffee shop.

The outside of The Blind Dog Cafe has some bizarre Western memorabilia which I didn’t quite understand, but I’m sure that there must be an epic reason for it. This place is…legend. Maybe Clint Eastwood showed up one day and dropped them off.

Though I was there very early in the morning, there were certainly other people scattered around the room, all sitting on the cushioned wooden benches and chairs. I loved the little signs and decorations in the shop. There was a gritty European atmosphere that, for me, stemmed from a combination of the fashion style of the baristas, the dark wooden interior design, flat pillows, and natural light flowing through big windows.

The music was so good, I had my Shazam app on call just to find out what my ears were snacking on.  Rather than keep out my electronics on, however, The Blind Dog Cafe was much more suited to paper and pen, and the sounds of my own thoughts.

When I ordered a mocha, I specifically requested light on the chocolate, because so many coffee shops in my past have gone overboard on sugar.  The barista took a moment to explain they use legit chocolate syrup, so it wouldn’t be strong, and that they would be glad to make it custom.  I don’t normally request custom things, but for some reason, I did.

When the mocha came out on the bar in a nice worn-in mug, the latte art surprised me: this was the best latte art I had seen in DC. It wasn’t just smooth, the design had little bubbles in it. So much froth!

My reaction when I saw my mocha’s bubbly latte art at The Blind Dog Cafe.

The coffee was delicious. The froth was amazing, exactly as I had guessed, and the chocolate flavor was subtle, not strong, which is my idea of a perfect mocha. Between the calm ambiance, distinct music, and extra milk bubbles, The Blind Dog Cafe enthralled me, or… you might say, “bewitched me” just to go with that weird Western-themed stuff outside of the coffee shop. Did I tell you about the wooden outhouse with the half-moon on the door?

Blind Dog Cafe is just so cool. It’s effortless like Old Hollywood.  You just have to go… It’s one of my favorites.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. The Blind Dog Cafe transported me somewhere else. It was a mesmerizing experience. Go there to access your gritty side. This place made me feel alive.

Would I put The Blind Dog Cafe at Darnell’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Unequivocal yes.

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