CLOSED: Chinatown Coffee Co: The Place for Alternative Fans

This morning, I journeyed down to Chinatown with every intention of going to Vigilante Coffee’s pop-up cafe.  Once I arrived on the scene, it wasn’t there. Anyone else know why Hogo’s is boarded up? Luckily, there was a close second for coffee shop choices in the area: Chinatown Coffee Co.

After a short walk from the Chinatown metro, I arrived to the entrance. After walking right into the open doorway, I noticed the interior: garage-like. Chinatown Coffee Co. has a brick wall interior, and a slick…floor that almost feels like a warehouse. The music was probably the first thing that I noticed – hence the title of the blog; alternative was playing. I’m not sure if this was one barista’s playlist or if it’s the shop’s general music choice. It was a bit loud.

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