Favorite American Chocolate Brands: Theo

The false traceability scandal at Mast Brothers Chocolate (summary here) recently turned a spotlight onto other United States chocolate makers. It is safe to say that Europe is cocoa's "hub" in terms of (chocolate) bar-making history and manufacturer legacy. Yet, the USA has numerous large chocolate companies, and furthermore, birthed many specialty and smaller "craft" [...]

Time Cupsoul Tuesday Tune!

This video is bilingual! Wait for the English chorus 🙂 "I believe in love and I believe in luck. Just because I'm home doesn't mean I give up. I'll just sip on my coffee watching all of my worries go passing by. Even if it rains or the sun is shining, every dark cloud has [...]

Dark Chocolate! Current Favorite: Justin’s

Starbucks' breakfast containers sometimes include Justin's brand peanut butter or almond butter packets and they are delicious. Naturally, dark chocolate peanut butter cups by the same brand immediately sparked my interest. These peanut butter cups are delectable. The deliciousness of Justin's creamy and wholesome organic peanut butter inside of a tasteful organic and fair trade dark [...]