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IKA Chocolate//איקה שוקולד: Best Chocolate in Israel

Please introduce yourself to the best chocolate in Israel: Ika Chocolate.


Time Cupsoul had ample occasion to sample Israeli chocolate brands during her beloved travels: the famous Israeli Krembo (delicious), Strauss Group’s Elite chocolate bars (delicious), Max Brenner chocolate fondue desserts (delicious) and even the creations of many smaller Israeli chocolatiers at the Chocolate Festival in Tel Aviv (here, here). Israeli chocolate is unique and delightful and perhaps it will surprise you to learn: Israel is a great country to buy chocolate from. With all this said, Ika Chocolate proved itself as the best chocolate in all of Israel.

Ika Chocolate is more than a chocolate maker, it is a craft chocolatier.  Whereas other Israeli chocolatiers create beautifully shaped chocolate with great flavors, Ika’s chocolates excel further as little works of art, individualized and handled with loving care. One can imagine the delicate placement of the gold leaf flecks or tiny seeds residing on some of her assorted offerings. There’s a sense that the chocolates at Ika are created with a lot of love. This kind of devotion not only births a stunning presentation but delectable flavor.

The assorted chocolate box at Ika Chocolate can be hand-selected to the patrons’ liking, with such dazzling options as: chocolate coconut, raspberry, 70 percent dark chocolate, chocolate lemon sesame, salted caramel, and chocolate peanut. The chocolate pralines sit gently inside of Ika’s beautiful purple and black box’s with her logo in reflective silver lettering and a ribbon twisted into a bow. The perfect gift for a lover or for your own soul on Valentine’s Day, Tu B’Av or for any special moment.

The assorted chocolate pralines each offer a unique experience. The texture of the chocolates is soft, giving way to rich flavors that showcase true excellence and a high-level of chocolate finesse. The milk chocolate bark, wrapped in cellophane and also tied with a bow, also provide a whimsical addition to one of Ika Chocolate’s slogans: “Giving. Pleasure.” The bark is slightly crunchy with notes of caramel and a nuttiness, too. Sweet and fun, the bark is delicious.

Ika Chocolate Chocolate Bark

In terms of the assorted box, might it be suggested to try the 70% dark chocolate square first to comprehend how Ika transforms cocoa into her chocolate signatures. Then, take a journey and venture into the flavored squares. Select what speaks to your heart; Ika’s chocolates will respond with delicious comfort. Each chocolate is like a little poem. Ika chocolates transport you to a place of happiness and serenity and that is exactly what a time cupsoul is all about.

Curating, gifting, and savoring Ika Chocolate is an awe-inducing event more than worthy of awarding the chocolatier with the title: “Best Chocolate in Israel.” Certainly buy other chocolate and taste the cocoa products that Israel has to offer, but please don’t miss this shop. If you live in Israel or are simply visiting, Time Cupsoul implores you to taste Ika Chocolate in Tel-Aviv.

Ika Chocolates can be found at her factory store/shop: Yad Harutsim St 11, and at Shuk Tzafon, in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  As always, this post is not sponsored.

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