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2022 Winter Holidays DIY Gift Idea! Make Your Own ‘Chocolate Lovers’ Gift Basket

We absolutely adore hot cocoa/ drinking chocolate and it can really add some relaxation to your daily routine. Rather than buying a pre-made gift box or basket for your loved one, you can curate your own by gathering some essential items using your own items alongside some new items from Etsy and Bar & Cocoa. A chocolate lovers gift basket is perfect for any loved one and friend in your life this season! DIY.

Look for some inspiration!

DIY helps if you have some freshly brewed ideas! We absolutely love Pinterest for this, and curated a board especially for you. Start by getting your creative juices flowing by viewing our board below or on Pinterest.

Start with a box, basket or your favorite container

We are really into wooden crates for gifting this year, so highly recommend checking out the different sizes from either this seller or this one, OR just search across Etsy for any size that you need 🙂 If you have a special gift box already at home, use that one! Anything that is clean and special to you works perfectly.

gift boxes under festive tree
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Include your favorite drinking chocolate

The world is literally yours for selecting the best drinking chocolate here. Perhaps your loved one likes classic Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Perfect! That always looks lovely in a gift basket. How about some Swiss Miss? Or big fluffy marshmallows? Maybe they are more interested in craft chocolate. That is wonderful, too. We might suggest starting with our 2022 Chocolate + Coffee Holiday Gift Guide for some great craft chocolate options. +You can also buy your favorite chocolate bar and your loved one can melt it with warm milk on the stove. Make sure that they have a favorite mug at home, or include a brand new one in their basket, too <3

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Add a whisk or frother

Something that is beautiful and also functional is a molinillo, or a traditional wooden cocoa whisk. It will add craftsmanship and history to any drinking chocolate gift, and connects your loved one to the tradition of chocolate in Latin America. They are available in small mug-sizes or larger, so be sure to watch the sizing when you place your order, based on your preferences. We might suggest this one (small) or this one.

DIY Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket by Time Cupsoul

Include a chocolate-scented candle

Your loved one can sip on hot chocolate and change the ambiance with a delicious chocolate-scented candle. We’ve written about this candle before, and there’s also a Choco Brownie candle for $9.99 with high reviews. Your loved one may also appreciate some cozy fluffy socks with a winter holiday theme.

photo of person holding scented candle
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Add some sparkle and secrets

To add more visual interest to your box, be sure to add some gifting “fluff,” like tissue paper or paper pieces to protect the precious cargo. We love this bright cinnamon colored tissue paper, as well as this vintage mail patterned option 🙂 Your own newspaper pieces or magazine shreds would work well here, too, as a more sustainable option. Arrange some peppermint candy canes or other small chocolates in the basket. Lastly, be sure to add a personal happy holidays note!

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Wrap it up with a beautiful bow

This one in self explanatory. Tie it with a big, satin bow! Voila.

white and red gift boxes
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Gift it 🙂

We hope that your loved one enjoys this chocolate gift box as much as we did curating ideas for you. It’s extra special because you crafted it yourself.

Happy holidays!

This post is not sponsored. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means that if you do click through and then buy something, you may help support an insatiable coffee and chocolate habit at no cost to you. Any written opinions here are by time cupsoul/our own.


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