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Espuma No. 11

Espuma: a weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Quote for the Weekend

Allow yourself to feel all the feelings, to forgive past mistakes, to grow, to be messy wonderful you. Don’t strive for the perfection that society portrays in abundance causing us to question ourselves and compare to something that isn’t even reality. Just allow yourself to be real: to be beautifully human.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

  • Local/DC: Did you know that it’s Colada Shop’s Coffee Festival this week!? Until Sunday the 15th, get special deals and attend events. Their coffee special is “churro cafe con leche” aka a cafe con leche with a churro — starting at $5.95 🙂 They also have a coffee happy hour. You can order online for pickup!
  • Local/DC: Emily in Paris just announced a 2nd season on Netflix! Read 10 ways to experience Emily in Paris right here in DC (one tip for each episode). We’ll be sure to update this list when season 2 arrives.
  • Local/DC: This week, we visited the Blue Bottle Coffee on P Street and tried their single origin “Winter Blooms” coffee. Where did you enjoy coffee in the District this week?
  • Trending: Everyone is buying Icelandic Omnom Chocolate these days! And now you can buy their holiday/seasonal bar collection (or just 1) online at this new website, here 🙂 How cute are they (+see Insta picture below)?

Some Chocolate Dessert

Your Coffee Shop Outfit

Have a lovely weekend.

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