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American Chocolate Bar #5: [Durci Chocolate] from J Chocolatier, DC

When tasting chocolate, it’s important to place a small piece on your tongue and let it melt there for a few long seconds. If properly made, the chocolate will begin to reveal flavors as soon as it starts melting and then will slowly provide a unique tasting journey. For chocolate lovers, this concept is not novel. What makes a tasting journey unique is a chocolate bar that boldly goes where no chocolate has gone before…

Durci Chocolate, with the slogan “Rediscover Chocolate” and an unforgettable space travel theme, is the most timely example of a brand that is not only pushing the boundaries of the chocolate sector, but is arguably jumping to light-speed. Made in Utah since 2015, this chocolate brand brings a new and otherworldly perspective to the chocolate market. It’s all backed up by the brand language: Durci Chocolate, “[U]ses only the finest cocoa that takes your taste to new frontiers.” Cue Star Trek music.

The shape and designs are what makes Durci bold. Packages are square and look somewhat like the size and dimensions of a CD case. Depending on which bar is chosen, a beautiful graphic rendition of space adorns the cover, and a label showcasing cocoa origin and percentage, envelopes the box from back to front.

As the bar selection changes, so does the color of the “Durci Chocolate” lettering. The light green “Corona Arriba, 70%” from Ecuador, caught Time Cupsoul’s attention. As the box was flipped over, more information revealed itself: “Taste notes: floral, blackberry, smoke and spice. Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter.” 

Hardly containing excitement, the unwrapping of the bar began. The sturdy Durci package created a small puzzle and its intricacies slowed down the rush. Durci’s packaging is hardly a tear-and-eat food product.

As the chocolate bars’ label was slowly unfastened, it showed the first sign of the previously hidden Durci logo: a man in space, his posture proud, fists clenched and chest expanded. This revelation created some excitement. A new logo to reinforce the astronomical setting felt like learning a valued secret.

Then, the flap concealing the chocolate, flipped open. There rested the chocolate bar, nestled between further flaps, dark brown and silky smooth to the eye. The same space man was molded into the chocolate square, perfectly symmetrical with the extraterrestrial imagery now clearly sustained by Durci’s. The text on the inside right flap of packaging provided beautiful imagery of “chocolate explorers” traveling on a “perilous” voyage into the Ecuadorian rainforest near Guayaquil to secure the precious cacao beans used in the bar. The messaging worked to create demand; this chocolate was described as a rare commodity that required brave escapades to secure. A certain echoing of space adventure mirrored images of exploring the unknown jungle.

Durci Chocolate bar, Corona Arriba 70%

Snapping a corner of the chocolate bar immediately promised quality; the snap pressure and response was ideal. First bite and melting did indeed give way to the desired taste bud trek coveted by chocolate connoisseurs. At first, the chocolate taste felt “bright.” This was not a chocolate bar of mellow or deep tones, but one with uplifting notes and a positive finish.

Time Cupsoul searched for the “floral, blackberry, smoke and spice” notes, as listed on the package, and soon, all were present in good measure. Referring to the Blommer Chocolate Wheel as a tasting guide, the bar definitely had red berry notes, perhaps also with essence of winey and raspberry. For the floral notes, what Time Cupsoul taste buds discerned was: jasmine. In addition to the listed flavors, the palette also voted for: earthy: soil, and fruity: brown fruit, raisins. Earthy and fruity were lesser notes, but still added to the wonderful tasting jaunt that Durci’s bar provided. A delicious chocolate bar overall with memorable design to satisfy space nerds and generally, the curious soul. This bar provides a noteworthy time cupsoul.

Durci’s Corona Arriba Chocolate bar was purchased at J Chocolatier in Washington, DC, a shop of curated specialty chocolate bars. The selection at J Chocolatier is excellent, offering other Durci selections, as well as many more unique fine chocolate brands. J Chocolatier is located at 321 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003.

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. Durci bars cost approximately $9.00.

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