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Doting on Antidote’s Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar

How long has it been since we’ve written a review/musing? COVID-19 has us all cooped up inside, washing our hands, and wearing a mask when we take occasional (safe-as-possible) walks. And on top of the virus, what is happening in the USA right now is so heavy. There’s just no other way to say it. We frequently turn to chocolate to comfort and nourish our souls during these strange and difficult times.

Before COVID-19 and physical distancing, we were at The Chocolate House in DC and picked up a chocolate stash (fate would have it + you can still order from them online). It was very difficult to choose between the Antidote bars; each one looked better than the last and many bars matched with ancient gods and goddesses. How unique was this?! Chocolate and ancient folklore. Something we’ve been researching during COVID!

The Andidote Ginger Bits, 77% Cacao Arriba Nacional (a rare cacao variety) kept catching our eye. The slogan of the Andidote brand is “Chocolate That Loves You Back,” and the branding listed “slow roasted cacao,” “low sugar” and “vegan.” Interesting. But what cemented the sale was the reverse of the packaging. This ginger bar is equated with the Greek goddess of truth and wisdom: Aletheia. The packaging chocolate description states,

“Lies and delusion spread like fairies in a storm but Aletheia’s divine truth is the Andidote. Spicy ginger bits channel her clarifying spirit, scrub your mind, and leave you feeling refreshed and strong.”

Antidote chocolate Bar, 77% Ginger bits

Wow, how fitting. Has anyone else been faced with their deepest darkest and raw truths sitting at home in this isolation period? We took comfort in the phrase “refreshed and strong.”

This is an image of Aletheia we found on DeviantArt by ReneAigner

So does the bar live up to its lofty claims? Well, firstly, the chocolate molding is beautiful and the ginger bits sparkled on the underbelly of the dark chocolate bar. The aroma was immediately delicious — dark, like fresh brownies from the oven. Heavenly.

Antidote Ginger Bits 77% Cacao Arriba Nacional Bar, photographed with a piece of ginger, © time cupsoul

When we took a nibble, the snap was a bit softer than other crisp bars that we’ve tasted. We quickly glanced at the ingredients for more insights: cacao, whole cane sugar, cacao butter, ginger, sunflower lecithin. Ok, probably the cacao butter and lecithin. We normally avoid sunflower lecithin but this bar did prove very smooth — lecithin affects viscosity.

When the chocolate melts on the taste-buds, and we turn to our favorite chocolate flavor wheel, this bar reveals: wet brownie and cocoa: melted chocolate ice cream. The candied ginger — or at least it tastes candied! — is a welcome addition that adds a small tartness to the experience. The ginger is slightly spicy and sour and a bright spot that dances with the bitter cacao.

This bar isn’t for everyone; ginger can be spicy and awakening. (If you do enjoy ginger, we highly recommend this bar for you!) Perhaps that’s why Antidoe states that the ginger bits channel Aletheia’s “clarifying spirit” and that this bar “scrubs your mind” and leaves you feeling refreshed. We concur! Sampling this bar is an invigorating experience, one that we welcome during these heavy times. It was a time cupsoul.

May we all experience more truth and wisdom like Aletheia. Continue to take care and call your loved ones. If you enjoyed this article, leave a comment below!

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