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The New “Ruby Chocolate”: What Is Ruby Chocolate? Is Ruby Cocoa Real?

Ruby chocolate
Ruby chocolate, photo courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut annouced Tuesday that they have created a new type of chocolate to sit alongside the classic white, milk and dark varieties: ruby chocolate.

This is arguably the biggest chocolate/cocoa news in a decade, if not in 80 years, when white chocolate was announced. 

Ruby chocolate is created using cocoa beans from Brazil, Ecuador and Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) and is said to have naturally occurring tart and sweet, berry-like flavors.

Neither the flavoring, nor the coloring are added, and the pink hue is remnant of the cocoa processing, Barry Callebaut stated in their press release. This cocoa process reportedly took years to perfect, perhaps almost 13.

According to this recent Bloomberg article, “Innovations in chocolate often take years because of the complex structures and the challenge of maintaining texture and taste.” The article also states that while other companies “[…] already produce red cocoa powder, this is the first time natural reddish chocolate is produced.” Interesting. 

No additional information on this ruby chocolate processing has been found online (to date), but Time Cupsoul has one significant guess: 

Barry Callebaut found a way to maneuver and innovate the current natural “Broma” cocoa process and/or “Dutch” cocoa processing methods to create the ruby chocolate. Very generally, natural cocoa is more acidic and Dutch cocoa is more alkaline. It’s not only the cacao’s uniqueness; it’s innovation in the processing.

–time cupsoul

What’s also intriguing about ruby chocolate is that it could assist with the current global cocoa surplus* by creating a specialty market. 

Industry author Angus Kennedy describes the new chocolate as “…sweet like traditional chocolate but, instead of the warm, cloying feel and flavor, the taste is zingy and fresh,” and is also quoted using the words “light” and “refreshing” to explain the new type, in this Sun article.

So, is ruby chocolate just another chocolate trend? No one can be entirely sure, but Time Cupsoul thinks not.  Where can you buy ruby chocolate?  Time Cupsoul will continue searching! Have you found any avenues?

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