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Da Da & Da//דא דא ודא: French Lover’s Heaven in Tel Aviv


There is a deep attachment and love in my family for French culture — for not only the language but the country, fashion and the food. If there was a way that this post could be hidden from just my mom, who I want to surprise with this cafe, it would be done. Given that she may find it in her travel books regardless, it’s time to share an absolutely excellent example of French food in Tel Aviv: Da Da & Da Cafe on Rothschild Boulevard.

Da Da & Da is part of the Institute Français here in TLV, and its location is impeccable. Not a far walk from Independence Hall and main attractions on Rothschild, this is an essential cafe to stop by when in the city.

What struck me the most when entering Da Da & Da, was the immensely high ceilings and the large mounted clock on the back wall, grounding the space. Then my eyes were drawn to the vast glass counter with a selection of entrees, light fare and overflowing pastries. The rich colors and decedent aromas of the food made the dishes almost beg to be photographed. This was going to be the opposite of bland, my appetite was sure. The quiche looked so vivid, I ordered the eggplant and tomato variation from the friendly waitstaff. Judging a French quiche in a French cafe is a bold move, but there was no turning back. To go with it? A cappuccino.

Many patrons chatted and noshed at bar stools or classic cafe tables looking out over Rothschild. Finding a corner inside next to a stack of books and the sugar stand, I settled in to soak up the atmosphere. Whether it was the softly playing French bistro music, the white title decor, or the aromas wafting from the kitchen, take your pick, something about Da Da & Da really does capture a part of France. It’s magical.

The quiche was exactly as suspected. Wonderful. Bursting with flavor, good texture and the perfect creaminess. The quiche would have been sufficient enough to ensure a time cupsoul, but then the cappuccino stole the show. Easily one of the best coffees in Tel Aviv is a safe statement to make about coffee at Da Da & Da. There was no fancy latte art in my particular drink, but the flavor of the coffee nudging its way past the frothy milk made it exceptional. Especially when combined with the ambiance, the coffee will simply serenade you like a Parisian summer night. It’s just that good.

Was this a time cupsoul?

Oui/Yes. Da Da & Da’s magical ambiance and delicious food will provide an uplifting yet gentle experience with the perfect combination of Paris and Tel Aviv in one cafe. Well worth a visit. 

Would I put Da Da & Da’s business card in the time cupsoul capsule?


Eager for more photos? Peruse this Da Da & Da social media page.

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