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CLOSED: Gerald//ג׳ראלד, Tel Aviv’s Most Decadent Pastisserie

The Swiss patisserie, Gerald, arrived in Tel Aviv in August and immediately set the standard for impeccable service, quality, flavor and decadence. Visible from Ibn Gabriol, a major street in the metropolis, Gerald’s large glass windows allow a preview inside of the shop.

Clean, exact, methodically placed pastries line up gently in a crystal clear display bar flanked by wooden shelves filled with coffee beans, white mugs and saucers, and, of course, a shiny silver espresso machine. The attention to detail at Gerald is geometric heaven. Placement and cleanliness reign supreme in a locale where sugar and chocolate could certainly escape and decorate the counters. Yet everything about Gerald remains pristine and correct. The display case begs to be photographed and admired.

Outside seating at Gerald provides a blanket on each chair to keep patrons warm on crisp Tel Aviv mornings. Only one other coffee shop in Time Cupsoul’s repertoire is known to provide a similar service: Chocolaterie Beluga, an excellent location for “drinking chocolate” (hot chocolate) in Germany. The blanket, a little touch and show of care is one that sets Gerald apart from other coffee shop/patisserie’s in Tel Aviv. It is extremely evident that Gerald wants its patrons to have a memorable and meaningful experience.

Once settled in with a blanket, it’s easy to enjoy the city waking up. Cars zoom down the street, fashionable ladies walk their dogs, other patrons sit, reading magazines, and share stories over morning coffee. Gerald is a classy establishment and attracts businessmen, stylish couples and Tel Aviv’s elite. In fact, anyone demanding culinary excellence is sure to find it quietly waiting at Gerald.

The cappuccino and cake arrived at the same time, served from a smiling waitress. The owner recommended the pink circular dessert, named “Jennifer,” featuring panna cotta, Lotus (Belgian cookie) and berries. The dessert cake was beautiful: vibrant pink with a tiny white sugar-shaped flower and a fleck of gold leaf.

It appeared as if the tiny cake would be allover firm, and, yes, the exterior was shell-like, but once past the outer layer, my fork melted inside to reveal a soft mousse-like texture with layers of white and berry hues. More than the structure, the taste was rich and smooth, and again, just perfection. Flavors combined to reveal sweet sugar and cream and a tartness from the berries paired with hints of lemon.

A well-prepared cappuccino accompanied the delicious dessert; the temperature was perfect, and the roast was obviously good. Alternating between hot coffee and the fresh and cool berry dessert, it was a true time cupsoul morning.

Gerald’s prices may be higher than other coffee shops in Tel Aviv, but the product, service and experience, make it well worth it. The many desserts, pastries and savory menu options are sure to attract colorful patrons to Gerald Swiss Patisserie in Tel Aviv.

Was this a cupsoul?

Gerald deserves to hold one of the highest rankings for a time cupsoul, yes.

Would I put Gerald’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes, and it is a beautiful business card, too! Shiny gold letters on black card stock, flawlessly emulates the design and quality that Gerald’s shop and sweets embody.

| Swiss Patisserie

Ibn Gabirol 36 | Tel Aviv | Israel

Telephone : 03-5063135

Hours: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm


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