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Ode to Cafe Noah: Once a Writer’s Secret Garden in Tel Aviv

Not far from the Habima in Tel Aviv, a little cafe called Cafe Noah used to sit, and it was just perfect. Tucked away on a little back street in a fairly quiet neighborhood, Cafe Noah calmly invited patrons inside. Even if it is no longer open, its vibe requires sharing with the world. It was one of my favorite coffee shops in TLV.

There was an indoor and outdoor seating area in the cafe, both equally special. The inside was dimly-lit with natural light that warmed bookshelf-lined walls. As you sat at a tiny table, books and trinkets surrounded and inspired you. It’s rumored that this cafe was the prime spot for Israel’s budding writers and artists. I can see why: the energy was very open and creative.

When I used to sit in Cafe Noah with my coffee, I watched as patrons read books, wrote in journals, typed on their laptops, and whispered about foreign affairs. The outdoor patio was cozy and provided a unique sense of nature in the city; vines coated the patio walls, hugging the tables in a soft embrace. Everything about this coffee shop was soft and gentle. Even the patrons and the waiters seemed polite and calm.

With the warm ambiance, it was clear that Cafe Noah was a time cupsoul quite early on in my visits there. Calling Cafe Noah a “safe haven” is fitting, especially in its ode.

The food was delicious. I loved the classic Israeli salad because it was exceptionally fresh: crunchy cucumbers and juicy tomatoes adorned by fresh parsley made for such a refreshing, flavorful dish.

A cappuccino was frequently ordered from the bar, as well. The bar itself was another feast for the eyes. It had lots of bottles to survey, along with a mustache-laden barman steaming the milk and cupping coffee. The whole cafe reminded me of a scene from Midnight in Paris, the Woody Allen movie. The coffee was delicious. Milky, but with a lot of coffee flavor bursting through. I wish that Cafe Noah was still around to escape to.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. Cafe Noah was tranquil yet incredibly inspiring. With the little garden patio in the back, there was a sense of a “secret garden” that only the coffee shop kept.

Would I put Cafe Noah’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes. This coffee shop was one that I recommended to Tel Aviv traveler’s and locals alike.

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