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Café Noir//קפה נואר: Coffee For Your Classy, Romantic Side

If the term “film noir” conjures old Hollywood black and white crime flicks, with a certain je ne sais quoi of mystery and sexiness that pulls you in for more, the European bistro Café Noir in Tel Aviv, has been justly named.

View from the corner street of Cafe Noir in Tel Aviv
View from the corner across the street of Cafe Noir in Tel Aviv, Israel

It was early morning that I sat down in the indoor porch area of Café Noir, alone and by a window, sightseeing over the cross streets. The seating area and bar weren’t yet busy; it was right before the brunch and lunch rush and I wanted to get a prime spot at this Tel Aviv establishment. Early morning light seeped through the windows, illuminating sliding glass doors into the main dining room’s wooden tables.

Experiencing or truly having a time cupsoul involves numerous factors: 1) the quality and taste of coffee ordered, 2) the ambiance, and 3) the general feeling of the coffee shop or restaurant and time spent there. Café Noir’s ambiance was energetic but grounded, and the staff was extremely classy. One of the waitresses had such a fantastic, Hollywood-worthy up-do: a pompadour bun, that I sat for a few minutes, staring and admiring her style and how she weaved around the tables. All waitstaff donned crisp white shirts and white aprons, making for a beautiful presentation of servers and their trays moving about in a sort of group tango. The service was formal without stuffiness, which was appreciated.

The cappuccino and mousse that I had at Café Noir were unforgettable. The chocolate mousse is one of the best I’ve ever tasted in any country, and mousse paired alongside a good cup of coffee lead to an unexpected heavenly flavor of coffee/cocoa decadence. The whipped cream on top of the chocolate mouse added only more points to my assessment.

Cappuccino and decadent chocolate mousse with whipped cream at Cafe Noir, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Besides the romantic ambiance at Café Noir, it now dawns on me that the mousse alone is equally as alluring. It is highly recommended to try a dessert with your coffee order. Given my happiness with the ambiance, service, coffee and dessert, I plan to return to Café Noir again soon.

Was this a time cupsoul?

Yes. If I could put a soundtrack to the Café Noir experience, it would be the best jazz blues from a film noir movie or a song from recent Oscar winner, Whiplash. This café has the je ne sais quoi of Old Hollywood glamour that draws you in and rivets your senses.

Would I put Café Noir’s business card in the time cupsoul capsule?

Yes. There is a reason why Café Noir has the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.


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