Espuma No. 39

ESPUMA (noun: froth)

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coffee & chocolate themed

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Coffee & Reading the morning paper

  • [TODAY/FRIDAY: FREE Dolcezza Coffee & Gelato in DC] Get a “SCOOP of RAINBOW CAKE at all of our shops THIS FRIDAY 6/18 from 12-5 PM 🥳🥳 […] Rainbow Cake is made using an AMAZING Rainbow Opera Cake (passionfruit buttercream, berry ganache, coconut dark chocolate glaze 🥥 and blueberry jam) created by our friend Chef Paola Velez (Maydan, Compass Rose, La Bodega) folded into our sweet cream gelato.” Wow! If you visit a gelato, please tag us on Instagram!
  • [Chocolate News] A yummy chocolate brand using Hawaiian cocoa beans?
    • “With Onomea, Klassen wants to provide a more accessible, locally grown chocolate than Lonohana. The bars are about half the price of Lonohana’s bars, which hover around $16. While the chocolate for the Lonohana bars comes from Klassen’s own farm, cacao for Onomea is sourced from partner orchards on O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Island, making Onomea like the table wine to Lonohana’s estate wine, and another way to bring Hawai‘i-grown chocolate into our daily lives.”
  • [Chocolate News] We’re eating more chocolate. “Chocolate sales grew 4.2% during the pandemic, according to the National Confectioners Association’s 2021 State of Treating report. Chocolate also saw a boost from two pandemic consumer trends: increased interest in functional foods and the tendency to indulge during 2020.” Which chocolate bars have you been enjoying?

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The Best Coffee Shops in Dupont Circle, Washington DC

city art landmark building
Photo by Sobia Akhtar on

Dupont Circle, Washington, DC is near and dear to our hearts. A small district in DC that covers a trapezoid-like area just north of downtown, Dupont has a lot of charm. From the white water fountain in the circle, to independent bookstores, a modern art museum, and the Sunday farmer’s market that’s one of the best in the city, Dupont Circle is a perfect place to find some specialty coffee shops that dot the bustling streets when you’re touring the District!

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