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Where to Grab Unique + Delicious Fall Drinks Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Washington, DC

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Good autumn greetings, everyone! Hope that you are all doing very well. Below is our list of the 6 most unique fall drinks that we’ve encountered across all of our beloved DC neighborhoods. Which one was your favorite?

1] Slipstream DC

Go For: Sweater Weather

Just look at that description! Espresso, tahini, cinnamon, all spice, vanilla, oat milk and orange zest! Yum! We love a good tahini addition to coffee or cacao. Enjoy 🙂

2] Aslin Coffee Company

Go For: Orange Cardamom Brown Butter Latte

We really love the new Aslin coffee shop on 14th street in DC. SO good. Both the coffee and the matcha drink offerings. We need to add them to our 14th Sreet + U guide! “This one is sweet, fatty & bright! Brewed with the base of our Going to Be a Long One coffee, we swirl in freshly made caramel sauce made with orange zest & a cardamom brown butter. Hot or iced any way, any day in Herndon and DC.” See image below. They also have a Snickerdoodle Cookie Latte which sounds excellent!

3] Cameo Coffee

Go For: What’s Up Pumpkin

If you’re in their neighborhood, aka Capitol Hill, Cameo is truly the obvious choice for solidly smooth coffee and ambiance. Check out their seasonal latte, with house-made pumpkin spice syrup.

4] Wydown

Go For: PSL

We don’t have a picture of their PSL, but rumor on the street is that this customer favorite has a divine PSL! Check them out!

5] The Royal

Go For: Harvest Spice Cream Cold Brew

This is one of the most unique coffee offerings on the list! Cold brew cream float! YUM. Could be refreshing this fall if you’re cozy in a bunch of layers and want something refreshing! They also have a hot drink for autumn, the “HARVEST SPICE LATTE 🍂☕️ autumn spices of clove, nutmeg + cinnamon, with @counterculturecoffee espresso + steamed milk.” It’s absolutely wild that more folks aren’t talking about this venue for coffee, arepas and beyond.

6] Little Red Fox

Go For: Black Pepper Maple Latte

Live in NW and want to have a little farmer’s market experience? This market is absolutely delectable and you can’t go wrong. We usually pick up a sandwich (breakfast OR lunch; both are delicious) and absolutely love their branding. Enjoy.

Happy sipping!

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