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Espuma No. 66

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ESPUMA (noun: froth)

A weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

How was everyone’s week? Here are our random thoughts for the weekend!

  • V-Day is coming up! There a million chocolate and non-chocolate OR coffee gifts on Etsy 🙂 Create your own Valentine’s gift or grab something unique from their artists.
  • In addition to ESTY’s crafty finds, we recommend Bar & Cocoa as the best online chocolate shop on the web!
OMNOM’s NEW Valentine’s Chocolate Bars @ Bar and Cocoa. [Brand featured on Down to Earth (Netflix)!]
  • Click the banner below to purchase Vosges chocolates; they are AMAZING. Always be on the lookout for deals; the maker usually has some 🙂 Click below.
A LOVE STORY Chocolate Collection from Vosges

Quote for the Weekend

“Silence is the language of G-d,

all else is poor translation.”


Some Chocolate Dessert

Your Coffee Shop Outfit

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couple walking on street with coffee cups
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Have a lovely weekend, with a time cupsoul or two, of course. Take care.

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