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Simply Sleep Walk into New Year’s 2022 with Dark Matter Coffee x La Rifa’s Delicious “Blanco Jaguar” Chocolate Bars

Sleep Walk Chocolateria's Blanco Jaguar 70% Criollo Cacao Chocolate Bar
Sleep Walk Chocolateria’s Blanco Jaguar 70% Criollo Cacao Chocolate Bar

As we are learning in our coursework, chocolate was vital to the Mayan civilization. Today, in the Maya cosmovision, the day embodies the energy of the jaguar (I’ix), which represents the sacred feminine energy. “For the Mayans, this is an energy of power, strength, magic and art. Today is a day to develop your connection to the subtle vibrations around you. It is said that the mouth of the jaguar creates a door from the underworld (Xibalbá) to the upperworld. What this means is that the energy of this day will allow you to go from the darkness into the light.” So what more perfect a day to try the “Blanco Jaguar” chocolate bar from Sleep Walk Chocolateria?

Blanco Jaguar Chocolate Packaging

The Blanco Jaguar chocolate bar’s packaging artwork by Chris Orta, absolutely “sold us” on this chocolate. The packaging is just incredible. It features a blue jaguar with its mouth open sitting in front of an orange backdrop. The jaguar is holding the branch of a cacao tree that looks like it has some steampunk accessories. The jaguar is sawed in half, and the inside of it looks like the interior of a cacao pod. The creativity is astounding. When you turn the packaging of the bar over, it states Sleep Walk: Dark Matter Coffee, Chicago USA and La Rifa Chocolateria, Mexico.

The packaging also states the origin of the bar, including:
Origin: Ostuacan, Chiapas, MX
Cacao: Criollo Blanco Jaguar
Ingredients: 70% Cacao, 30% sugar
Producer: Margarito Mendoza

The bar also lists the website, which we immediately searched for online. The chocolaterie is located in Chicago, USA! And it’s only one year old. Amazing.

The branding looks bright and bold. We LOVE it! It immediately grabbed our attention as a must-visit global chocolaterie. Won’t you invite us, Chicago? We also found more images of the chocolate packaging and cannot wait to try ALL of these bars! 🙂 The artwork is just too good not to collect and display.

The artwork on the Sleep Walk chocolate bars is incredible

Sleep Walk’s Blanco Jaguar Chocolate Tasting Notes

Ok, first and foremost, when we opened this chocolate bar to photograph it — as one does — the chocolate aroma was seductively strong. Delicious. Like a tsunami of beautiful chocolate perfume. The cocoa aroma was steady, persistent and smooth, like a jaguar slowly pacing you, observing for your next move.

If the chocolate simply smelled this delectable, how would it taste?

Sleep Walk Chocolateria's Blanco Jaguar Bar Molding + Packaging
Sleep Walk Chocolateria’s Blanco Jaguar Bar Molding + Packaging

The molding of the bar is the name of the chocolaterie: Sleep Walk, with smaller letters above and below, stating ORD and MEX for Chicago and Mexico. We held the bar in our hands. Not incredibly thick, about the same thickness as Goodnow Farms chocolate or another thin-ish bar. We held a corner in our index finger and thumb and snapped it easily. Great snap. Clean. The color of the chocolate was also even and deep, dark brown. We knew that this chocolate was supposed to be bitter, or amargo (Spanish).

We took a small nibble.

First thoughts were “wow.” This chocolate was spicy but also somewhat sour like a citrus fruit. Unique. The next step was to let the chocolate melt in our mouths. This is when the caramel notes revealed themselves. We loved it.

This “Blanco Jaguar” Sleep Walk chocolate bar surprises you. It’s very lively. Like a growling jaguar, this chocolate bar will grab your attention and leave you in awe of its powerful beauty.

We absolutely loved the stunning packaging of this chocolate bar; it features artwork like no other chocolate bar we’ve ever seen. Plus, the strong, unique taste of the Criollo chocolate is wonderful. What a treasure we’ve discovered — delicious chocolate housed in a graffiti-filled bold chocolaterie in the heart of the Chicago! We hope to visit them/”sleep walk” over there in 2022 😉 Have you visited Sleep Walk? Please let us know in the comments. Take care, dear readers. Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

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