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Top Ten Places to Find Delicious Hot Chocolate Drinks in Washington, DC

There are numerous articles online that list “top hot chocolate spots in DC,” but none of them match up with this unique master list! Explore our picks for best hot cocoa across Georgetown, Shaw, Dupont Circle, Cleveland Park, Downtown, and more.

1. LA Burdick Chocolate’s (Hot) Drinking Chocolate

This Georgetown chocolate shop (say no more) is chocolate heaven and a must-visit when you’re in Washington, DC. We highly recommend their hot cocoa, and we name them first because honestly, they’re #1 for hot chocolate/cocoa in the city thus far. 🙂 #Delicious 1319 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

2. The Royal’s Rejalo Hot Chocolate

The Royal team is super creative, constantly innovating for holidays. Did you see their White Chocolate Latte for Valentine’s Day? Have you tried their Honey Bourbon Latte? Time Cupsoul is semi-obsessed with The Royal in general. There’s a mega crush going on here. Don’t miss their Relajo Hot Cocoa with dark chocolate, their spice blend and steamed milk. You’ll feel like you’re in a scene of Chocolat. 501 Florida Avenue NW.

3. Dolcezza’s Askinosie Hot Chocolate

When you need a classic hot chocolate fix, this is your go-to. Journey to one of Dolcezza’s DC locations and cozy up to the Askinosie hot cocoa; it’s bright and full-bodied and has natural notes of spice and caramel. Dolcezza just knows what she’s doing, gelato, chocolate and all. Various locations.

4. Bourbon Coffee’s Hot Chocolate

Another perfect location for a classic hot chocolate fix. Bourbon has a few different hot chocolate recipes for you to try. One of Time Cupsoul’s favorite coffee locales in DC, give their cocoa a chance! Various locations.

5. Little Red Fox’s Hot Cocoa

This little gem of a shop uses DC’s own Harper Macaw chocolate in their hot cocoa. Go to Little Red Fox (or The Den) on a weekend to enjoy the ambiance and be sure to pick up some of the market and food items. 5035 Connecticut Avenue NW.

6. Emissary’s Hot Chocolate

Time Cupsoul seriously can’t believe that more folks aren’t talking about Emissary’s coffee (roaster: Counter Culture, same as The Royal), and not to mention food! Give not only Emissary’s hot cocoa a try, but literally everything else. And yes, they have avocado toast that’s Instagram-worthy. The dining area is also unique; you will find a lively energy to inevitably boost your day. A great option. 2032 P Street NW.

7. The Coupe/Tryst/Open City’s Lavender Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is for the more adventurous, fantastical type. Who knew that lavender could taste so good with chocolate? This drink is unique and it will simultaneously trial and test your taste buds while also calming your mind. Try it out. Time Cupsoul loves this restaurant group! Various locations (The Coupe, Tryst, Open City).

8. Colada Shop’s Chocolate de la Abuela & Churros con Chocolate

The atmosphere at Colada shop is simply unbeatable. The Latin music and Cuban charm will get your blood pumping. Enjoy their thick drinking chocolate with some freshly baked cinnamon churros. Colada also offers hot cocoa de la abuela/grandma’s hot chocolate (“classic Cuban hot chocolate”) that’s delicious. You can’t go wrong. ¡Viva el chocolate! 1405 T Street NW.

9. Buttercream Bakeshop’s Hazelnut Praline Hot Cocoa used to be on this list but they are no longer open for walk-ins

Until we’re able to taste more hot cocoa’s ourselves and then update this page, we “softly recommend” hot cocoa at The Wydown or Un Je Ne Sais Quoi! 🙂
HOT TIP: We hear that Baked and Wired has homemade marshmallows in their hot cocoa!
+We hear that Pineapple and Pearls’ hot chocolate is another delectable option to warm your spirit.

10. How about just outside of DC?

We’ve heard that Bayou Bakery in VA and Commonwealth Joe in VA have amazing hot cocoa, too.

Which hot chocolate on the list is your favorite? What did we miss? Please comment below. Happy sipping!

Image credit, clockwise: "CostaRica_20161107_067" by QuiRag is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0, "Brunch at Le Zinc, Noe Valley" by tastingsf is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, "Hot Cocoa Foam November 22, 2011 1" by stevendepolo is licensed under CC BY 2.0, "Hot chocolate" by Taku is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


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