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Espuma No. 52

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ESPUMA (noun: froth)

a weekly curated collection of

coffee & chocolate themed

articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the morning paper

Happy International Coffee Day, everyone! It’s our favorite holiday!

[DC COFFEE GOSSIP] Cafe Unido at La Cosecha DC is having coffee celebrations until 7 PM tonight, and there are also other restaurants and bars open in the Latin market after that 🙂 Sounds like fun! We stopped by for some coffee samples and they were delicious!

How are you celebrating coffee day today or this weekend?! We loved this coffee video from international roaster, Strauss, below.

Quote for the weekend

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.


your Coffee shop outfit + Coffee Shop Interior

pretty asian women with takeaway coffees sitting in outdoor cafe
Photo by Sam Lion on
Coffee Shop Lifestyle/Design Inspiration =
photo of coffee shop
Photo by Scott Webb on

Some chocolate dessert

“A pairing of the smoothest vodka and most sumptuous chocolates, brought together to highlight subtle notes and chocolate parfums. Raise a glass with us to toast to the moments that matter most.”

[Chocolate] We put together a list of 2021 chocolate advent calendars. Now is the time to order! See our list.

[Chocolate] VOSGES HAUT CHOCOLAT‘s King Street Vodka Pairing Truffles (above) sound amazing. Buy the box here. Yum!

Have a lovely weekend, with a time cupsoul or two.

This post is not sponsored. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means that if you do click through and then buy something, you may help support an insatiable coffee and chocolate habit at no cost to you. 🙂  Any written opinions here are by time cupsoul/our own.

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