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Marou Chocolat: A Flavor Journey

This post was written in 2017 and updated in 2020.

Marou Chocolat: Faiseurs de Chocolat bars are fairly small in size with gorgeous packaging and a thin weight.The experience of tasting this bar was a definite time cupsoul and deserves some attention.

The package for the Marou, Tien Giang 70% single origin dark chocolate bar, is a beautiful rich purple colored paper with shiny gold lettering and cocoa bean drawings. Glimmering gold paper enveloping the chocolate bar peeks out from underneath of the purple wrapping, and it’s easy to slide the bar out slowly or simply to tear the paper right off. Unwrap the packaging from around the chocolate and discover the thin chocolate rectangle with diamonds.

The color of the bar was a deep rich brown. It felt delicate in the hands; thin Marou chocolate bars can be snapped with little effort. Nevertheless, the snap was solid.

You can buy this Marou chocolate bar online, here.

In terms of flavor, notes of “tropical fruit,” and “citrus” immediately emerged. Coconut and banana notes (tropical) and a touch of orange (citrus) created an intense escape, followed closely by “cocoa” notes: dry cocoa and melted chocolate ice cream. Time Cupsoul detected a subtle finish of “floral:” jasmine, as well.

What an interesting flavor journey!

Marou Chocolat bars certainly provide a confounding and exciting palate experience, much like an exotic trip through Vietnam where the bar originates. All in all, this bar inspired a true time cupsoul.

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